Author: Annemaria Nicholson

I drive integrated marketing strategy for brands as director of customer success at NewsCred. By bringing together people and systems, I help scale enterprise marketing programs globally and optimize efficiencies to drive brand awareness, leads, and revenue for businesses. Prior to NewsCred, I was with Cision for ten years as director of content, social media and community. Connect with me on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

By annemarianicholson published March 18, 2019

How to Smash Silos and Better Integrate Marketing Teams

We knew we had a problem.

As an enterprise global marketing team of more than 100, we had no clear way to see what each group and individual was working on. Even worse, regions sometimes featured messages that conflicted with our brand direction. Obvious inefficiencies and a general lack of process routinely caused project roadblocks and confusion. We were unable to scale large campaigns across markets quickly.

In short, we were disorganized and we were wasting time and money.

What were we to do?

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