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Ann Smarty is the brand and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas, founder of and co-founder of Viral Content Buzz . Ann is the regular contributor at Entrepreneur, Small Biz Trends, and other huge publications. Ann blogs about search and social media industry trends and content marketing tools. Please follow Ann on Twitter @seosmarty.

By ann-smarty published July 1, 2019

7 Tools to Optimize Your Old Content for New Conversions

Is getting clicks your ultimate marketing goal?

Of course not, you want your site users to perform an action instead of just landing and moving on.

When it comes to informational content marketing, converting readers is not that easy. Site visitors came for answers, found them, and don’t have a point to stick around any longer.

An article doing well in terms of attracting (organic) traffic may still fail to make any difference to the business’s bottom line. In other words, you see clicks but few-to-no conversions (opt-ins, clicks-through to your product page, etc.) from your content.

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By ann-smarty published May 28, 2019

3 Tools to Energize Your Content Planning and Execution

Now, I love planning, but I love action even more. To create a successful content marketing program, you need to have both.

Most companies struggle to see ROI from content marketing strategy because they fail to do both.

Using tools is what helps you go from planning to implementing. Tools make any plan actionable, so here are three to help your content marketing strategy find success.

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By ann-smarty published April 23, 2019

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Search Intent Optimization

As web users get harder and harder to engage, search intent as a marketing concept has become a hotter topic.

Yet, in most cases, search intent is mentioned in e-commerce context, where you need to match your landing page to your target customer’s expectation.

But where does the concept of search intent stand in content marketing context? Should you account for it in your content marketing strategy?

You surely should. The thing is, with mobile and voice search, your reader’s attention span is short because today’s consumer searches and decides on the go.

What does it mean for content marketing?

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By ann-smarty published February 27, 2019

Step-by-Step Planning for Well-Timed Content Marketing Campaigns

Timing a content marketing campaign to a special day often is a good idea. You catch the peak of the interest in a topic and amplify your content assets in a more effective way.

But how do you organize and scale the process? How do you plan seasonal and well-timed content to make the most of each trend?

Here are the five tricks I use.

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By ann-smarty published January 30, 2019

3 Tools to Make Your Editorial Calendar More Effective

A few short years ago, simply writing useful articles regularly was enough to keep your audience engaged and see your SEO rankings steadily grow.

Now, consumers are more demanding and the Google algorithm is more advanced. To accommodate both, you need to be always testing new tools and tactics.

With content marketing becoming more complicated and integrated, your editorial calendar should grow up too. It’s no longer enough to document your planned content assets. Today’s editorial calendar should involve team collaboration aspects and advanced analytics steps to make higher-level content management possible.

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By ann-smarty published January 7, 2019

3 Tools to Optimize Your Old Content to Build More Organic Search Traffic

You spent hours (and maybe days) creating that content. It enjoyed solid exposure when it first went live but, months later, it’s neglected and almost ignored.

How can you put that old content to better use? Reoptimize it.

Reoptimizing your old content has two important benefits:

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By ann-smarty published October 24, 2018

3 New Content Distribution Tech Trends to Embrace Now [Tools]

Content marketing heavily relies on technology, which means it evolves quickly. Mobile search, video marketing, SEO – all of that has been changing and advancing content marketing for the past few years.

You are either keeping up or falling behind.

Today’s content distribution tactics call for experimenting with many emerging channels, so let’s look at the latest technology trends that you should embrace to diversify and empower your content marketing.

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By ann-smarty published August 23, 2018

5 Tools to Help Your Content Marketing Team Be Better

5-tools-help-your-content-marketing-teamAlmost all B2C and 96% of B2B brands rely on internal resources to execute their content marketing program. These in-house providers range from small or centralized teams serving the entire organization to individuals leading department efforts.

No matter the configuration, a well-trained in-house content marketing team is a competitive advantage. But what makes a team exceptional? It is all in how you grow it. Here are five tools and a few tips to help in those efforts.
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By ann-smarty published June 25, 2018

How to Turn Brand Monitoring Into Content Assets

brand-monitoring-content-assetsMonitoring your brand’s mentions is not an option these days. It’s a must.

The web is open and public. Someone is discussing your brand and you better be there to listen and participate.

But is there any way to get more out of a necessary task?

Yes. Consider these three ways to turn those brand mentions into content assets.

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By ann-smarty published April 16, 2018

3 Keyword Research Trends to Reshape Your Content Optimization


No matter what your content marketing strategy is, keyword research is the fuel.

Keywords inform marketers as to what their audience strives to know, let them monitor their competition, and offer a constant source of content ideas.

Now, the approach to keyword research is different from what it was even a couple of years ago. Search engines are becoming smarter and keyword research tools are getting more advanced. The web is getting to be a better place after all.

Just as the SEO world is changing, so should we. Here are three SEO trends quickly reshaping the keyword research concept and with it the way we brainstorm, create, and optimize content.

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