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Ann Gynn edits the CMI blog. Ann regularly combines words and strategy for B2B, B2C, and nonprofits, continuing to live up to her high school nickname, Editor Ann. Former college adjunct faculty, Ann also helps train professionals in content so they can do it themselves. Follow Ann on Twitter @anngynn or connect on LinkedIn.

By ann-gynn published August 11, 2022

25+ Experts Weigh In on the Best Ways To Use Social Media in Content Marketing

More than half the world’s population (58.4%) uses social media. And, on any given day, people spend an average of two hours and 27 minutes on the platforms, according to research by Global WebIndex referenced by Smart Insights.

Given all those people and all that time, there’s no chance brands would ignore social media. And the experts presenting at Content Marketing World 2022 (mostly) agree they shouldn’t.Continue Reading

By ann-gynn published August 10, 2022

3 Ways To Get Bigger Content Marketing Results With a Small Team

Updated August 10, 2022

How do you feel about the size of your team? Have you ever wished you had more people to plan, create, distribute, promote, and analyze content?

If so, you’re probably not alone. Most content teams have fewer than five full-time team members, according to CMI research.

But like many marketers, you probably aren’t getting a bigger budget to hire any time soon. So, with few hands on your content marketing deck, everything your team creates needs to count.

Put these three ideas into practice to get results – no matter how many people you have (or don’t have) on your content marketing team.Continue Reading

By ann-gynn published August 4, 2022

40+ Mistakes Derailing Your Content Team (and How To Fix Them)

No content marketer works alone. Even if people who make up a content team of one still engage with colleagues, clients, and contractors. And everyone reports to a boss.

Great, productive interactions and collaboration feel exhilarating and inspiring. But not all collaboration falls into that category.

Challenges always arise when people come together (virtually or physically) to strategize, brainstorm, create, publish, and promote content. Mistakes involving resources, content operations, and more can derail even the most promising projects.Continue Reading

By ann-gynn published July 28, 2022

Is It Time for Content Marketers To Care About Web3? 20+ Experts Weigh In

Every year, the CMI editorial team asks six to eight questions of the experts speaking at Content Marketing World for this blog series.

Some are easier to answer than others (jargon, anyone?). But this question didn’t fall into the easy category: What should content marketers do about Web3?

Web3 describes a new and unfamiliar world. Is content marketing ready for it? The range of replies offered is as vast as Web3 itself.

Here’s what they suggest.Continue Reading

By ann-gynn published July 25, 2022

Is an Unbranded Content Website Worth It? All Signs Point To Yes at SAP

What’s the future for unbranded content sites? SAP runs an unbranded content site whose future’s so bright, that the team behind it had better wear shades (to paraphrase that old Timbuk 3 song).

The Future of Customer Engagement and Experience earned the tech brand a finalist nod for Best Content Strategy and Best Multi-Author Blog in the 2021 Content Marketing Awards (CMAs).Continue Reading

By ann-gynn published July 21, 2022

Does SEO Still Matter to Content Marketing When Google Takes Your Clicks?

Google works hard to give searchers answers without making them click through to content pages. That’s why the quantity of no-click answers on its search engine results pages seems to grow every day.

Meanwhile, content marketers work hard to improve their rankings on search engine results pages because they want searchers to click on their content.

Given these seemingly opposing goals, does it still make sense for content marketers to invest time and valiant effort in SEO?Continue Reading

By ann-gynn published July 13, 2022

Ban These Words and Phrases From Your Communications Right Now (an A-to-Y Guide)

Ever play jargon bingo?

You mark off a square on your card every time you hear one of those words or phrases that sounds like fingernails on the chalkboard. Maybe it’s a word so frequently used as to render it almost meaningless. Or perhaps it’s an acronym that makes readers have to pause (or Google) to remember what it means.

The winner of jargon bingo crosses off all the squares in a row or diagonally first (yep, basic bingo rules).

But, in truth, nobody wins when jargon sneaks into content.Continue Reading

By ann-gynn published July 11, 2022

An Inside Look at One of the Most Ambitious and Successful Content Strategies

Health Essentials boasts some impressive vital signs. The content brand, owned by the Cleveland Clinic, earns more than 12 million visits each month. That’s 60 times the traffic it earned a decade ago.

Not surprisingly, the content team’s mission expanded over time to include the organization’s website and health library, too.Continue Reading

By ann-gynn published June 28, 2022

Summer Lull? Make It a Productive Time To Improve Your Content Marketing

The lazy days of summer are the perfect time to clear the haze from your content marketing program.

Sources and approvers take vacations, which can throw off your program’s pace. Instead of letting that frustrate you, why not use the downtime – and extra resources, if you’re fortunate enough to have summer interns – productively?

I’m not advocating that you push yourself and your team out of the relaxed zone and into the extreme sports zone. But you can work on useful things that don’t necessarily require much brain power (or close supervision) but fall off the priority list during busier times.

The results will inform and improve your content marketing strategy year-round. Try some of these ideas.

Continue Reading

By ann-gynn published June 23, 2022

5 Meta Description Tips To Help Your Content Get the Clicks

In its early days, USA Today was dubbed “McPaper” for its very short stories.

Unlike their peers at other newspapers, USA Today reporters had to digest big news into just a few paragraphs. Many in the profession criticized USA Today articles for their brevity. But I think those critics missed the talent required to synthesize and write concise copy.

It’s a skill that content marketers can appreciate, especially now that every piece of digital content needs a meta description. Our task is even more difficult than the one USA Today journalists face. We must summarize the content – no matter how long it is – in 156 characters.Continue Reading