Author: Ann Gynn

Ann Gynn edits the CMI blog. Ann regularly combines words and strategy for B2B, B2C, and nonprofits, continuing to live up to her high school nickname, Editor Ann. Former college adjunct faculty, Ann also helps train professionals in content so they can do it themselves. Follow Ann on Twitter @anngynn or connect on LinkedIn.

By ann-gynn published September 17, 2020

These Content Marketing Rules Are Made to Be Broken

Should you let content marketing “rules” rule your content marketing?

That’s a resounding no from 23 experts presenting at Content Marketing World 2020.

But they aren’t advising you to break the rules just because you can. Breaking rules successfully requires thinking and exploration. Here is their carefully considered advice on which content marketing “rules” are crying out to be broken.

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By ann-gynn published September 14, 2020

Reinventing With Content: 3 Brands Find New Paths

What do you do when your usual business model can’t work?

These three organizations turned to content marketing.

One found a viral hit when it promoted its new business service model.

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By ann-gynn published September 3, 2020

8 Habits You Should Have for Quality Content Marketing

Aristotle had it right:

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”

At least that’s what you can conclude from the advice of Content Marketing World 2020 presenters who shared things to improve the quality of your content marketing.

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By ann-gynn published September 1, 2020

5 Tips From CMI’s Most Popular Visual Content Articles

Are your audiences and teams seeing things?

If not, your content marketing won’t be as successful as it could be.

The CMI blog’s top five articles on visual content illustrate the value of “see-able” content, whether the viewer is a search engine, audience, or content team member. (This is the last in our summer series highlighting the top five articles based on our site categories.)

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By ann-gynn published August 25, 2020

5 Ideas to Ponder from CMI’s Top Social Media Articles

You know that billions of people use social media every day. And every day, content marketers post a deluge of content to their brands’ social channels.

Social media can do so much for brands – offer a place to distribute original content, promote published content, grow communities, provide referral traffic, attract conversions, etc. But it can’t be all that to all brands all the time.

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By ann-gynn published August 20, 2020

16 of the Biggest Threats to Content Marketing Success

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Actually, you don’t need to answer. The good news is the bad news and the bad news is the good news.

So what’s the actual news?

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By ann-gynn published August 18, 2020

Give Your Event Content a Virtual Makeover

Live events give marketers a range of powerful opportunities to please audiences. But can the same be said for their online counterparts? See how those who have shifted to virtual events found success – and where they feel there’s room for improvement.

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By ann-gynn published August 6, 2020

10+ Buzzwords to Banish From Your Content Marketing Vocabulary

Like nails on a chalkboard, they elicit a bad reaction every time you read and hear them.

Unfortunately, you see and hear them a lot – that’s one of the reasons you cringe. (Me? I get so irritated that I mentally edit to get rid of the utterances.)

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By ann-gynn published July 20, 2020

How to Create a Not-Awkward Personalization Strategy

Every morning, you jog the same route. You’ve come to recognize the faces of your fellow runners, greeting them with a smile (pre-mask days) and now a nod (with mask).

But today is different. Every time you encounter a regular, they wish you a happy birthday.

Wait, what? How did they know it was your birthday when you only know them by sight?

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By ann-gynn published July 9, 2020

15 Mistakes You May Be Making in Your Content Development

Too often, when content marketers talk mistakes, they’re referring to typos, grammatical errors, and misspellings.

That narrow focus on the granular could be their biggest gaffe.

That’s what we discovered after asking ContentTECH Summit presenters for the biggest mistakes they see happening in the content creation, production, and promotion processes.

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