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Ann Gynn edits the CMI blog. She also serves as the Tech Tools editor for Chief Content Officer magazine. Ann regularly combines words and strategy for B2B, B2C, and nonprofits, continuing to live up to her high school nickname, Editor Ann. Former college adjunct faculty, Ann also helps train professionals in content so they can do it themselves. Follow Ann on Twitter @anngynn or connect on LinkedIn.

By ann-gynn published January 17, 2019

13 Fresh Ideas to Get More Content Marketing Zing From Employees

Involving employees in the company’s content marketing strategy isn’t a new idea.

Employees already are asked to share content on their social channels. C-suite and subject matter experts often collaborate on thought leadership content.

And you likely know the value of connecting with your sales and/or customer service teams to get frontline insight into what your brand’s prospects and customers want to know.

But employee-involved content can be much more than that. I put out a call to learn more about how marketers involve their non-marketing coworkers in their content. While many responses reflected the typical examples, several brought a unique perspective and others offered some fresh approaches.

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By ann-gynn published December 24, 2018

7 Great Lessons You Might Have Missed From Content Marketing World

Given the hundreds of sessions at Content Marketing World, I never find the time to attend them all or watch every on-demand video.

But I don’t have to, and neither do you. Content Marketing Institute writers (and some speakers), shared the most relevant and helpful details on the CMI blog.

Here are highlights from articles we published this year that were inspired by Content Marketing World sessions:

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By ann-gynn published December 19, 2018

Sample 11 of the Best B2B and B2C Content Marketing Ideas of 2018

A legal team stars in a music video. A cruise line writes romance stories. A fast-food chain creates an investigative podcast into a forgotten food. A mattress company appreciates the value of print.

This year, B2B and B2C brands elevated their creativity to inspiring levels. Natalya Minkovsky found and shared some of the best in each issue of Chief Content Officer magazine.

Here are 11 models she shared in her Idea Garage column in 2018:

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By ann-gynn published December 14, 2018

4 Real-Life Ledes: Why They Work (and What Could Be Better)

OK, the original plan for this article was to provide great examples of ledes in B2B and B2C content marketing.

But a funny thing happened in that search – mediocre ledes dominated.

That’s disappointing because, next to the headline, the lede is everything. It’s the determining factor on whether to read the article. The lede has many responsibilities – to hook the reader, to indicate the subject matter, to set the article tone, etc.

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By ann-gynn published December 4, 2018

Shouldn’t Every Piece of Content Be Clickbait?

Welcome to the clickbait debate.

Credited to Jay Geiger, who first wrote about it in 2006, the term “clickbait” earned a place in The Oxford English Dictionary in 2016 with this definition:

“(on the Internet) content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page.”

Taken for its denotative meaning, clickbait does what all content marketers want – it entices the audience to click on the headline and consume their content.

So why does clickbait show up on lists, including Facebook’s, of content marketing mistakes or practices to avoid?

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By ann-gynn published November 5, 2018

How to be Purposeful With Your Purpose-Driven Content [Examples]

Editor’s note: You may have missed the original version of this article published a few years ago. Purpose-driven marketing is an even hotter topic today so we’ve updated the post and included some fresh examples. 

Most marketers (and many businesses) recognize the value of developing content based on a shared interest in supporting a worthy cause or taking a stand.

Success in purpose-driven content marketing, though, requires you to go beyond that. It demands that you execute the right purpose-driven content marketing strategy in an authentic, organic way that brings benefit to everyone involved.

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By ann-gynn published October 4, 2018

If Your Content Doesn’t Have This, the Majority Won’t Trust It [Research]

Is your content trustworthy?

Is your content persuasive?

If your content doesn’t include data, it is less likely to be trusted, persuasive, or even read. That’s based on the findings from an August survey of 1,054 U.S. adults released this week by SurveyMonkey Audience:

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By ann-gynn published September 26, 2018

How to Answer 25 FAQs on Content Marketing

Editor’s note: This article is the follow-up to an August post about 25 frequently asked questions about content marketing.

Do you get asked tough, or even easy, questions about content marketing by your executives or clients?

Want a handy dandy cheat sheet to those questions? We are here to help. First, we asked the presenters at Content Marketing World to share the best questions they’ve been asked about content marketing. Some even shared their answers. Then, we asked the CMI community for additional answers. And, when we had a few unanswered questions, we curated responses from expert sources.

Now, here are 25 questions you’re likely to be asked and how to answer them.

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By ann-gynn published September 10, 2018

How to Turn Conference Content Overload Into an Action Plan

turn-conference-content-overload-into-action-planEditor’s note: Given that thousands of marketers succumb to conference overload every year, we thought it was the perfect time to bring back and update last year’s advice on how to overcome it.

It’s the day after an invigorating conference.

Your head has been filled with trends, slide decks, tips, graphics, and inspiring stories.

Your notebook is filled with ideas, notes, and doodles of possibilities for your content marketing program.

You’re suffering from a case of the conference overload. But you don’t need to. Take the advice of some past and current Content Marketing World presenters on what to do before, during, and after a conference to take actionable steps for you and your brand without the suffering.

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By ann-gynn published August 28, 2018

30 Experts Identify Biggest Mistakes in Content Marketing

biggest-mistakes-content-marketingMore than once, I’ve had to stop reading a poorly edited book because I couldn’t take off my editor’s hat.

Professionals in any industry observe others’ work and silently critique it. That analysis often leads you to one of two results: insight into what you could do better or a welcome relief because you are doing it better.

Some of the presenters at Content Marketing World offer their out-loud critiques of what could be done better in content marketing. Use their observations to gauge what you’re doing well and where your content marketing program has room for improvement.

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