Author: Andy Vale

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By andy-vale published July 7, 2017

Data-Driven Creative: How to Use Twitter Data to Inform Your Marketing

how-use-twitter-data-inform-marketingEditor’s note: Andy Vale is a former content manager at Audiense.

No matter the business, bold choices often come with big risks. And in television, where shows can easily cost millions to produce and audience reaction can be tough to predict, risk aversion is a high-stakes science.

After a career filled with major writing credits (Cheers, The Jon Stewart Show, Late Night with David Letterman), and over four years as Twitter’s global head of TV, Fred Graver has turned his focus back to scriptwriting – now combining it with his long-time interest in technology. I caught up with him to see why he thinks social data holds a pivotal role in show creation, how you can use data for creativity, and how technology plays an integral part in his new show’s creative process.Continue Reading

By andy-vale published September 18, 2016

How One Organization Engages Over 3 Million on Global Stage


Editor’s note: When we find something of such significant value to our audience from another source, we want to share it. This article appeared in Chief Content Officer magazine, which excerpted it from the Audiense blog.

It’s no surprise that the World Economic Forum (WEF) has racked up nearly 3 million Twitter followers. Over its 45-year history, WEF has convened business, political, and social leaders to solve the world’s most complex challenges — from sustainable development and international trade, to food security and access to health care.Continue Reading