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Andrew Davis wrote for Charles Kuralt and produced for NBC. He's worked for the Muppets and MTV. He co-founded, built, and sold a marketing agency. You might have seen him on The Today Show or in The New York Times. He's a best-selling author and one of the most influential marketers in the world. Follow Andrew on Twitter @DrewDavisHere.

By andrew-davis published June 11, 2013

How Your B2B Content Can Spark Meaningful Connections

b2b-content-meaningful-connection-storiesFrom trash to technological treasure

Meet Kelvin Doe, otherwise known as DJ Focus. Kelvin is a 15-year-old boy from Sierra Leone who wanted to be a DJ so badly that he decided to build his own radio station from electronics scraps he found in trash. If you haven’t seen Kelvin’s story, I recommend you watch it now. (It’s well worth the 10 minutes.)Continue Reading

By andrew-davis published May 27, 2013

How to Publish Content that Drives Audience Anticipation

create-content-appointment-luckyDelivering consistent results for content marketers

Too many content marketers seem to struggle with building a consistent audience. Indeed, some publish content that becomes a big hit — it drives engagement,  it gets shared, and it delivers new leads. However, many of these efforts don’t produce successful results on a dependable and repeatable basis.Continue Reading

By andrew-davis published May 21, 2013

Power Your Business Storytelling by Creating a Content Brand

business-storytelling-marketing-cookieTreating your content like a product

There’s a big difference between creating branded content and building a content brand. Branded content is egocentric brand marketing. Developing a content brand takes an audience-first approach to business storytelling that builds a loyal audience. Deloitte Debates is branded content (notice how the brand is in the title of the content). Will it Blend? is a content brand (see how there’s no mention of the Blendtec brand in the title?). The most successful business storytellers build content brands — not branded content. Instead of thinking like a marketer, try thinking like a television producer.Continue Reading

By andrew-davis published April 25, 2013

Why You Should Create Content With a Hook

creating-content-hook-jetlev-devin-grahamWhat’s a hook?

If you’re going to create valuable content for your target audience, and you’re going to stick to a format, you must have a hook. Formats give your content structure; a hook gives it character. A hook is, quite simply, a unique content concept that is designed to ensnare and trap your unsuspecting audience into consuming and sharing your content.

Hooks enable your audience to build a relationship with your content each time it’s delivered. A twist on a familiar structure is what makes your content unique, but a hook is what gets people to talk about it.Continue Reading

By andrew-davis published March 19, 2013

11 Content Marketing Questions Answered About Brandscaping

brandscaping-new content marketingI had a wonderful time presenting to the attendees of CMI’s recent webinar, Brandscaping and the New Content Marketers. (For those of you who attended, I’m sorry about my cellular connection… I know it made it difficult in those first five minutes.)

The webinar generated 55 questions from our intrigued, interested, and extremely intelligent audience. We only got to four or five of those questions in the time allotted, so I offered to answer some of the questions that we were not addressed.Continue Reading

By andrew-davis published December 21, 2012

Content Creation: Who Could You Partner with on a Million Dollar Weekly Budget?

Content creation Geico_JPCycles

In 2010, GEICO spent $745 million on advertising. You know — the ads featuring the talking gecko urging us to save 15 percent by switching insurance companies. What if GEICO spent more on supporting content creation than on buying ads?

You may already know this (I didn’t), but GEICO sells 19 different types of insurance. Even if you divided its ad spend across all 19 lines, each product would still get $39 million to produce content instead of advertising.Continue Reading

By andrew-davis published November 27, 2012

Content Marketing Strategy at the Intersection of Two Brands

Geoff Cottrill sells shoes. As the CMO at Converse, that’s his job. So, why would a shoe manufacturer create content for musicians like this:Continue Reading

By andrew-davis published November 13, 2012

How Your Content Marketing Can Ignite a Movement

caines-arcade-content-creativityA charming film

If you haven’t seen Nirvan Mullick’s short (10-minute) film called “Caine’s Arcade,” watch it now. You’ll be glad you did — and the rest of this inaugural ContentVenn post is going to make a lot more sense. (If you have seen it, read on!)Continue Reading

By andrew-davis published December 1, 2011

What if You Sold Waffles With a Side of Content?

On a recent trip to Pittsburgh, PA., one of our clients introduced us to two intriguing retail experiments on using content creation to drive business at retail locations: The Waffle Shop and the Conflict Kitchen.
What’s interesting about both of these experiments is that they leverage a content-centric approach as the centerpiece of their businesses — it’s not a marketing project or a blog; in fact, the content is one of their products.

Continue Reading

By andrew-davis published August 13, 2010

How to Identify Where Your Audience is Participating Online

In my first post at Content Marketing Institute, I spent a couple minutes introducing you to two tools that are designed to help you better understand your web-browsing audience. Today, I’ll help you identify where they are hanging out online.Continue Reading