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Andrew Davis wrote for Charles Kuralt and produced for NBC. He's worked for the Muppets and MTV. He co-founded, built and sold a marketing agency. You might have seen him on The Today Show or in the New York Times. He's a best-selling author and one of the most influential marketers in the world. Follow Andrew on Twitter @DrewDavisHere.

By andrew-davis published November 27, 2012

Content Marketing Strategy at the Intersection of Two Brands

Geoff Cottrill sells shoes. As the CMO at Converse, that’s his job. So, why would a shoe manufacturer create content for musicians like this:Continue Reading

By andrew-davis published November 13, 2012

How Your Content Marketing Can Ignite a Movement

caines-arcade-content-creativityA charming film

If you haven’t seen Nirvan Mullick’s short (10-minute) film called “Caine’s Arcade,” watch it now. You’ll be glad you did — and the rest of this inaugural ContentVenn post is going to make a lot more sense. (If you have seen it, read on!)Continue Reading

By andrew-davis published December 1, 2011

What if You Sold Waffles With a Side of Content?

On a recent trip to Pittsburgh, PA., one of our clients introduced us to two intriguing retail experiments on using content creation to drive business at retail locations: The Waffle Shop and the Conflict Kitchen.
What’s interesting about both of these experiments is that they leverage a content-centric approach as the centerpiece of their businesses — it’s not a marketing project or a blog; in fact, the content is one of their products.

Continue Reading

By andrew-davis published August 13, 2010

How to Identify Where Your Audience is Participating Online

In my first post at Content Marketing Institute, I spent a couple minutes introducing you to two tools that are designed to help you better understand your web-browsing audience. Today, I’ll help you identify where they are hanging out online.Continue Reading

By andrew-davis published July 28, 2010

Creating Content Informed by Audience Analytics

Finding the right tone and voice for your audience isn’t always easy. Sometimes, finding an analogy, a case study or even a local reference that will engage your audience can mean the difference between an effective piece of content and just another article.

That’s where a deep understanding of your audience can really help.Continue Reading