Author: Andreas Panayi

Andreas Panayi is a co-founder of ConvIndex, a new company focusing on scoring, benchmarking, and tracking video content engagement.

By andreas-panayi published June 25, 2014

4 Steps to Take Video Content Beyond Ads

alarm clock-wake up callGo ahead. Do your own research and see if you can find meaningful insights and data on measuring, benchmarking, tracking, and optimizing online video content. No doubt, you’ll end up as frustrated as I was. And you’ll find that most of the information out there is focused specifically on online video advertising.

I am still hopeful that one of these days marketers will wake up to the fact that online video content is not just about advertising. The real evolution is the huge shift to video for almost every other form of content and communication: employee communications, product videos, how-to tips, customer reviews, brand stories… you get the point.Continue Reading