Author: Andrea Fryrear

Andrea is the president and lead trainer at AgileSherpas, a training, education, and consulting company designed to help marketing teams transform their work from frantic to fantastic. Her most recent book, Death of a Marketer, chronicles marketing’s troubled past and the steps it must take to claim a more Agile future. She geeks out on all things agile and content on Twitter.

By andrea-fryrear published August 13, 2015

How to Make Content Marketing Work With an Agile Team


On an Agile marketing team, things move pretty quickly. Working with an average sprint length of a scant two weeks, we content marketers can sometimes feel like the plodding turtle being left behind by the speeding hare. Even on an Agile team, content creation is often a marathon, rather than, well, a sprint. It’s a long-term, ongoing effort that can seem out of sync with the constant experimentation and iteration that characterizes an Agile team.

And yet, content needs to roll with changing market forces, respond to emerging opportunities, and constantly improve. Basically, content needs to be Agile, too. It just needs to run at its own pace.Continue Reading

By andrea-fryrear published June 18, 2015

The 5 Superpowers of Intelligent Content: Themes From ICC


With its ability to morph into the right kind of content at the right time, intelligent content has powers beyond those of your average content.

During the Intelligent Content Conference 2015, keynote speaker Scott Abel introduced the idea of superpowered content. As the conference progressed, the superpowers of intelligent content were revealed in session after session.Continue Reading

By andrea-fryrear published May 25, 2015

Keep Content Flowing With This Easy Agile Marketing Tool


There are times when a wrench gets thrown into your content marketing machine and you can’t figure out who threw it. Nothing seems different, but suddenly you’re rushing to make deadlines, editors are stressed, and the whole process has become frantic.

It’s time to step back and figure out where the workflow is breaking down.Continue Reading

By andrea-fryrear published May 4, 2015

Intelligent Content + Agile Approach: How This Combo Paid Off for My Team


Departments and, ideally, enterprises embrace the intelligent content model to make it possible to deliver the right content to the right audience, at the right time, and in the right way. “The right way” generally means on the right device, in the right format, and in the right language.

The trick is getting all those things right and still managing to release more than one piece of content a month.Continue Reading