Author: Amanda Subler

Amanda Subler is the Public Relations & Media Manager at Content Marketing Institute. She is a former journalist with more than ten years working in local TV newsrooms. You can follow her on Twitter @AmandaSubler.

By amanda-subler published December 23, 2016

5 Most-Viewed Videos From CMI’s 2016 YouTube Channel (+ 6 Favorites)


Many of you are gearing up to make a big, bold splash with video in 2017. To provide some inspiration, we’re sharing some of the most popular and favorite Content Marketing Institute videos hosted on our YouTube channel.

We use the CMI channel to:

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By amanda-subler published May 24, 2016

A Step-by-Step Guide to Get More Eyes on Your Research


When I was a local TV news producer, I – systematically and with relish – pretty much deleted every single PR-pitch email that I ever received. Why?

For one, I was pretty young and arrogant, believing I didn’t need any help from PR pros (insert my eye roll here) to come up with a story. But secondly, and I think more telling, is that PR people just have a bad reputation. Years of bad practices, including irrelevant pitches, calling at inopportune times, pushy pitches, have unfortunately given the industry a bad rap. I really thought PR people (I lumped them all together) had nothing really of value to offer me.Continue Reading

By amanda-subler published September 9, 2015

How a Bank Transformed Its Business by Creating Its Own Web TV Station

CCO_Radical Honesty

From the moment I stepped into Jyske Bank’s newsroom, I was transported back three years to my time as a television news executive producer. From the elaborate control room setup and full-size production studio, to the state-of-the-art cameras and editing systems, you would never guess I was inside a bank instead of a television station.

By the time I arrive at Jyske’s modern and eclectic headquarters in the small town of Silkeborg, Denmark, I’ve just missed the daily morning news program streamed live to Jyske’s 4,000 employees in 120 locations.Continue Reading