Author: Amanda DiSilvestro

Amanda DiSilvestro is a graduate of Illinois State University. Although she graduated with an English Education degree, she found herself working as a full-time blogger in the SEO/social media department at, a leading SEO for franchises. Follow Amanda on Twitter @ADiSilvestro.

By amanda-disilvestro published February 1, 2015

How to Make Your Blog Content Profitable


Do you know how to leverage the value of your blog? It’s true that popularity is great for your content because it shows people are interested in your brand and shared content increases your visibility. However, it’s important that your blog transcends popularity and actually contributes to your overall goal – profitability.

While it stands to reason that if your content is popular it is more likely to be profitable, there are things you can do to focus specifically on profitability to make sure your content is offering all it possibly can to your business and your readers.Continue Reading

By amanda-disilvestro published May 19, 2014

How Rich Snippets Add Spice to Your Online Content’s Search Results

rich snippet example

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You work hard to get your company’s online content listed on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs). But all your efforts are wasted if no one ends up clicking on your listing. Rich snippets are an excellent way to help your company’s online content stand out and beat your competition to the top of the page. Continue Reading

By amanda-disilvestro published April 16, 2014

How to Audit Your Website Content for SEO

seo light bulbWebsite content audits for SEO purposes have had a negative stigma associated with them for quite some time. It’s true that they can be tedious and time consuming, but by now most content marketers know that they are absolutely necessary for driving website success.

Thanks to Google’s frequent algorithm updates and improvements, SEO rules and best practices are constantly changing. Reevaluating your SEO and your strategies is one of the only ways to stay on top of these changes and continue to move your website content forward.Continue Reading

By amanda-disilvestro published February 8, 2013

5 Pointers for Content Marketing at the Franchise Level

franchise-moneyQuestions revolving around content creation and promotion always seem to come back to one: Who’s in charge? You have copywriters, copy editors, writers and bloggers, CEOs, and content chiefs… the list goes on and on. The answer often depends upon the company and what works best for the industry, company size, even location, but things get a bit more complicated when you’re working with several franchises. You have the same top question, and you have the same people, but your efforts may increase 10-, 20-, or even 100-fold. In this situation, you have to ask yourself, “How is content marketing management different when working with franchises?,” as well as, “Is there really any easy way to manage it all?Continue Reading