Author: Allen Murabayashi

Allen Murabayashi is the chairman and co-founder of PhotoShelter, the worldwide leader in visual asset management for professional photographers and organizations. Allen previously served as a founding employee and senior vice president of Engineering at, where he assisted in the company's massive growth from a 4-person start-up to a publicly-held company with over 675 employees. He oversaw a staff of 50 engineers, and was responsible for the development of, Softshoe, and a number of internal applications. For more copyright tips and definitions, check out Copyright 101: A Glossary for Marketers. Follow Allen on Twitter @allen3m.

By allenmurabayashi published October 3, 2018

Is Your Brand Breaking the Law on Social Media?

Ambiguous rules and lax enforcement of resharing original content on social media has perpetuated the theft of the creators’ intellectual property. But that’s changing as the creative class – photographers, videographers, musicians, et al. – are more likely to enforce their legal and moral rights in the growing multibillion-dollar social media industry.

If your brand doesn’t rely solely on commissioned or in-house content, you could have potential legal exposure from the images you use on social media. That’s why you might want to rethink or at least review your social media content policies.

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