Author: Alina Benny

Alina Benny is a user-first content SEO leader with 6+ years of experience in the B2B SaaS space. As the Senior Content SEO Lead at Nextiva, her playbook grew the company’s organic traffic by over 300% and thus, revenue by $43 million ARR in less than three years. She is also a speaker, growth consultant, and First Round Capital mentor. Follow her on Twitter @alinacbenny

By alina-benny published November 8, 2021

Internal Linking for SEO: How To Get It Right

At its heart, a catalyst saves energy. That’s what internal linking does for your content promotion and distribution.

The only problem? Most content creators and editors treat promotion as a separate function that doesn’t fall under their responsibilities. Yet, they are the front line of promotion. When they put careful thought into internal linking processes, content can rank more quickly than it would without those links.Continue Reading