Author: Aaron Agius

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By aaron-agius published June 5, 2017

Is It Time to Invest in PPC Campaigns for Your Content?

invest-ppc-contentAt first glance, pay-per-click and content marketing can seem like contrasting ideologies. PPC offers an immediate ROI. Alternatively, content marketing is an excellent tool for improving your brand’s visibility, but it often takes time to gain momentum.

But the two can work together. PPC can act as a secret weapon for your content marketing, supercharging your content campaigns and giving you an edge over your competition.Continue Reading

By aaron-agius published January 18, 2017

Merging Two Blogs: Strategies for Content Success


Maybe you have two separate blogs that deal with two elements of your overall business. Maybe you’re rebranding your business and need to rebrand your blog. Perhaps you recently acquired another company and want to incorporate its blog into your own. Or maybe you purchased a relevant domain for the SEO juice and need to transfer your existing blog to it.

How do you combine two blogs into one? Here’s how. Before we do anything, though, back up each existing blog.Continue Reading

By aaron-agius published October 7, 2016

Using Content Marketing to Drive Customer Delight


Your content may sufficiently answer your audience’s questions and help them solve their problems, but how much does it delight them — enough to have a measurable impact?

The better the content experience is, the happier your audience will be and the more likely their delight will continue after they buy. They could even become an advocate for your brand with people they know.Continue Reading

By aaron-agius published September 20, 2016

Will the Content Bubble Burst? What’s Next?


As much as I love content marketing, when I look around at the sheer number of people using it, I’m reminded of another frenzy that didn’t end well — the dot-com bubble.

Remember when everyone and their cat was launching a company or selling a domain name for tens of thousands of dollars?Continue Reading

By aaron-agius published July 31, 2016

When Content Backfires: How to Handle Negative Feedback Online


As your followers and traffic grow, so does the potential for ruthless people to emerge.

Sometimes they have good reason.

Sometimes they’re just trolls who want to squash your content into jelly.Continue Reading

By aaron-agius published June 22, 2016

The New Marketer’s Guide to Perfecting Your Content Promotion Process


You’ve created your first piece of content, and it’s pretty awesome.

You’ve built yourself an outreach list with sites and sent the contacts a friendly email.

Then you sit back.


And …


Sound familiar?Continue Reading

By aaron-agius published February 26, 2015

9 Lessons Content Marketers Can Learn from Traditional Journalism


The internet has radically changed the state of journalism, but content marketing is a relatively new field that can still benefit a lot from the practices of traditional reporters. In the interest of improving the field of content marketing overall, here are nine lessons from traditional journalism that every content marketer should know to better engage and build trust with readers.Continue Reading