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By aaron-agius published September 13, 2021

PPC and Content Marketing: The Perfect Combo for Immediate ROI

Updated Sept. 13, 2021

At first glance, pay-per-click and content marketing can seem like contrasting ideologies. PPC offers an immediate ROI. Alternatively, content marketing takes time to gain momentum.

But the two can work together. PPC can act as a secret weapon for your content marketing, supercharging your content campaigns and giving you an edge over your competition.Continue Reading

By aaron-agius published February 18, 2021

Go Beyond Ego Bait and Create Roundups That Resonate

The least favorite blogging format is also the most successful – roundup posts.

Yes, roundups still rank the most effective blog format, according to Orbit Media’s seventh annual Blogging Survey published in fall 2020.

Roundups are the least favorite blog format but one of the most successful, according to @Orbiteers 2020 #blogging survey via @CMIContent. Click To Tweet

With that in mind, let’s explore a few ways to do roundup articles better – that don’t just include quote after quote in hopes the experts will share and expand your audience – and still deliver the results your business demands.Continue Reading

By aaron-agius published December 21, 2020

Stop These Reporting Mistakes and Win Budget Support for Content Marketing

Getting a sufficient budget to deliver your content marketing strategy can be a vicious cycle.

You set goals for your content marketing. Executives prioritize funding other areas of the business. You don’t have enough resources to execute a strategy that will hit your goals. Executives are disappointed in this failure to bring results and are left with the inevitable impression that content marketing doesn’t work for the business.

Sound familiar? It’s time to break the cycle and get your execs to sit up and notice what content marketing can do for the business when it has funding support.Continue Reading

By aaron-agius published November 16, 2020

How to Use Live Chat Data to Drive New Content Marketing Ideas

Usually considered the domain of customer service professionals, live chat has big potential for content marketers.

Your tried-and-tested methods of collecting and analyzing website and social data still involve a lot of guesswork.
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By aaron-agius published May 27, 2020

Why Guest Posting Isn’t the Answer

Marketers often turn to guest blogging to build brand authority and to secure backlinks to help their content’s Google ranking.

But do guest posts work? As far back as 2014, then-head of Google’s web spam team Matt Cutts said, “(S)tick a fork in it: Guest blogging is done; it’s just gotten too spammy.”

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By aaron-agius published April 8, 2020

How to Get More From Your Livestream After the Broadcast

Editor’s note: We updated this previously published article to help you get more from livestreams. 

Over 80% of people say they prefer to watch a live video than read social media posts, and four in five say they prefer to view a video from a brand than to read a blog, according to a survey from Livestream and New York Magazine.

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By aaron-agius published February 17, 2020

6 Things You Should Stop Doing to Content [Tools]

The most straightforward way of revitalizing your content marketing is to jettison some content pieces that just aren’t working for your brand. Here are six options you should consider first. Then you can focus on producing content that your audience (as well as search engines) will love.

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By aaron-agius published January 21, 2020

Get Your Content Workflow on the Right Track [Tools]

Without a documented workflow, how do you create, distribute, and promote content consistently?

Without a documented workflow, how can you avoid disruption to your content marketing when a team member leaves?

Without a documented workflow, how can your whole team be on the same page?

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By aaron-agius published January 9, 2020

A Simple-to-Do Content Audit With 6 Questions

Planning your annual content audit is something most marketers are hard pushed to get excited about. Audits take time, they’re tedious and, frankly, they’re dull as ditchwater.

They’re also extremely important. Given how integral content is to the health of your brand, your visibility online. and your overall sales and marketing, you owe it to your business to keep your content in good working order.

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By aaron-agius published July 29, 2019

How to Match Your Content to the Best Distribution Channel

If you don’t distribute your content smartly, you’ll never achieve your brand’s content marketing goals.

But how do you know what are the best channels? This succinct guide outlines which distribution options work well based on your goals and audience.

First, though, you must know two things – who the content is for and what it’s intended to achieve. Knowing your audience members’ intent allows you to craft content that will resonate with them. Knowing the goals of the content lets you identify the purpose of the content (i.e., call to action) for your company as well as for the audience. Both are essential to selecting an appropriate distribution method.

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