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Your Content Strategy Mission Statement

In my presentations lately, I’ve been talking about developing content that stands for something.

Basically, content marketing is not about “what you sell” it’s “what you stand for”. This becomes the basis for your content marketing strategy. This is your content mission.  It’s based on the informational needs of your customers and prospects, and also inherently drives your business (interest in you as the expert in your industry).

Some examples perhaps:

How about Gary Vaynerchuk and Wine Library TV?: It’s not about selling wine.  It’s about the idea that everyone, everywhere deserves to understand the wine experience.  That’s what Gary talks about all day long and why he draws such an audience.

How about Southwest?: It’s not about selling plane rides (what they do), it’s about the idea that everyone deserves the freedom to fly…to travel.

How about Junta42?: It’s that all marketers need to think and act like publishers to attract and retain customers.

So what is your content strategy mission?

As you plan for 2011 and beyond, be sure you are aware of what your content really stands for and how you can make a difference in your customers’ lives.  That will set the tone for your entire content strategy.