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What’s Your Brand Story? – Moleskine Endures through Storytelling

My content marketing friends, Igor Savic and Primoz Inkret from Poslovni Mediji (Business Media) in Slovenia, were nice enough to give me a branded Moleskine notebook on my arrival to their beautiful country.

I’ve heard of Moleskine before, but now I know their story.

Included inside the legendary notebook is a detailed history of the product (see picture below).Moleskin Copy

“Moleskine is the legendary notebook used by European artists and thinkers for the past two centuries, from Van Gogh to Picasso, from Ernest Hemingway to Bruce Chatwin. This trusty, pocket-size travel companion held sketches, notes, stories and ideas before they were turned into famous images or pages of beloved books.”

It means something to write in a Moleskine. To be an owner of a Moleskine says something about who you are. In the video (produced by Moleskine), it says something about who Bruce Chatwin was.

Moleskine has endured all these years because they tell stories as well as the people who used their product. Brand stories don’t just happen. ¬†They are told…and spread.