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What’s the Right Frequency for Blog Posts?

I was asked this same question in three consecutive days this week.

So, how many blog posts make the correct frequency for corporate bloggers?

When I asked the question back to those people, I received the following answers:

  • Two times per month
  • Once per week
  • At least once per month

The correct answer is this…as long as the blog post serves these two goals it’s worth doing a post:

  1. Is a compelling and interesting story to your target audience (the reader), and
  2. Serves the objective for your blog

If that means five posts per week, great.  If it’s one per week, that’s fine to.  Focus on whether or not you have a story worth telling.

This, combined with consistency, is the key.  Any content marketing initiative is a promise to your customers.  Once you find a frequency, such as two times per week, you need to stay with that frequency to keep your content promise.

Remember, like it or not, you are a publisher.  The best publishers in the world develop compelling stories AND do so on a consistent basis.  Make sure you are doing both.