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60 Memorable Tweets from Content Marketing World Sydney 2013 [Day 1]

540990_545582568806043_1769109913_nThe Content Marketing Institute team could not be more excited to be in Sydney for Content Marketing World! The first full day of sessions was a blast, and our heads are spinning with so much great information. If you were not able to attend, here are some of our favorite highlights — in tweetable form. A big thanks to Sarah Mitchell who helped with today’s coverage.

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Opening Keynote
563316_545582488806051_1797441877_nJoe Pulizzi

85% of corporations with blogs have five or fewer blog posts! @juntajoe. A lot of room for improvement #cmworld
(via @michelle_ryan0)

Marketers need to get out of a campaign mentality. Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. @juntajoe #cmworld
(via Belinda Weaver @copywritemattrs)

Stop filling buckets with #content, focus on what’s going to work for your customers & for your biz @juntajoe #CMWorld
(via King Content @king_content)

More is not better. Work out your strategy first @juntajoe #CMWorld
(via Jonathan Crossfield @kimota)

165986_545582598806040_415292274_nYoutility: Why Smart Companies Are Helping, Not Selling
Jay Baer

Good tip from @jaybaer,  shows sharing metrics on any URL in a flash. #CMWorld
(via Sarah Mitchell @globalcopywrite)

The closer the customer gets to the buying stage, the more specific the content can become. @jaybaer #cmworld
(Via Jonathan Crossfield @Kimota)

“Only when we’ve exhausted all opportunities to educate ourselves do we reach out to another person” @jaybaer #cmworld
(Via Jonathan Crossfield @Kimota)

482761_545768242120809_2109706318_n-1Closing Keynote
Ray Kloss

The website is dying, says @Ray_Kloss.  85% of SAP web traffic from mobile devices – and hey, try that from an Android device! #cmworld
(via BlueChip Comm @BlueChip_Comm)

Design thinking to unleash the customers @ray_kloss #cmworld look fwd to slides!!!
(via Gareth Lathey @Gareth_Lathey)

Design thinking methodology is being applied to SAP Marketing. Nice diagram by @ray_kloss #cmworld
(Via Mark Vozzo @MarkVozzo)

So much out of the box thinking from @ray_kloss at #cmworld His disruption model & thinking heralds some radical marketing change #cmworld
(via BlueChip Comm @BlueChip_Comm)

If you want to keep ahead, keep your head up. Focus on possibilities and building imagination. @ray_kloss #designthinking #cmworld
(via Belinda Weaver @copywritemattrs)

B2B track

734376_545582652139368_208673366_nHow to Dominate Your B2B Niche with a Multi-Author Blog
Joe Pulizzi and Jodi Harris

To get your influencer strategy rolling, you have to give – lots – before you receive: @juntajoe #cmworld
(via Jonathan Crossfield ‏@kimota)

Think about who might best contribute to your blog: experts, customers, employees and so on, says @joderama at #cmworld
(via BlueChip Comm @BlueChip_Comm)

Create your own list of 10-15 industry influencers. Share their content. Give to receive. #cmworld #videoblogging
(via Ray Brown ‏@RayBrown99)

Make sure yr editorial roles & processes are crystal clear, says @joderama at #cmworld Content director, content manager, digital assistant
(via BlueChip Comm ‏@BlueChip_Comm)

226560_545582788806021_45958787_nBehind the Scenes: American Express Content Marketing
Robin James Patrick

What’s success & what’s failure? You need to define your goals & constantly check your #content and ROI against them. AMEX RBJ #CMWorld
(via King Content @king_content)

Robert Patrick (AMEX) says ‘you have to give marketers the license to fail’ that was their approach wth #cmworld
(via Mark Vozzo ‏@MarkVozzo)

AMEX: You must be comfortable to live in beta, we’re not launching utopia – a nice way to say nothing is ever completed. #CMWorld
(via Sarah Mitchell ‏@globalcopywrite)

Amex don’t get involved when they experience social media backlash. Right or wrong? #CMWorld
(via Michelle G ‏@michellegwriter)

486883_545768178787482_985405097_nThe Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing Measurement (ROI)
Jay Baer

The goal is not to be good at content – the goal is to be good at business, shown through content #cmworld
(via Michelle Ryan ‏@michelle_ryan0)

To boost sharing, remove friction. “Encourage theft. Give your ideas handles. Find ways to allow ppl to steal your stuff.” @jaybaer #cmworld
(via Jonathan Crossfield ‏@kimota)

Be a digital dandelion! That means spreading your content across multiple channels, not just your own website @jaybaer #cmworld
(via Kye Mackey @KyeMackey)

High consumption of your content should result in more questions! Don’t stop measuring at consumption. Ever. @jaybaer #cmworld
(via Belinda Weaver ‏@copywritemattrs)

If you do one thing in the next 6 months, become an expert in Google analytics #CMWorld @jaybaer
(via Michelle G @michellegwriter)

Measuring content is not hard, but it IS complicated. You need the right tools and to think it through #cmworld
(via BlueChip Comm @BlueChip_Comm)

Magical software that solves the metrics conundrum does not, and will never, exist. Focus on finding your equation. #cmworld
(via Venessa Paech ‏@venessapaech)

“The reason we care about Facebook “likes” so much is because it’s public. Psychology drives this more than business” @jaybaer #cmworld #cm
(via Cim Smith ‏@Cimonetta)

549270_545768205454146_1233429810_n-1Transforming your BtoB Brand into a Content Machine
Todd Wheatland

Lack of resources should be NO BARRIER to content marketing success. On the contrary, many strategies eg blogging no upfront cost #cmworld
(via BlueChip Comm ‏@BlueChip_Comm)

#cmworld using your staff to author or introduce content can create a stronger bond with the company #contentmktg
(via Castleford Media ‏@castlefordmedia)

It takes years to get where a business like Kelly is with content marketing says @ToddWheatland #cmworld
(via Aideen McDonald ‏@AideenMcDonald)

Do a content audit first. You may find you already have some of the content you need. Then plan to fill the gaps. #cmworld
(via Jonathan Crossfield ‏@Kimota)

#LinkedIn is the one company you need to get your head around within content marketing @ToddWheatland #cmworld
(via Aideen McDonald ‏@AideenMcDonald)

Don’t let your thought leadership work get mistaken for brochureware. Define a strong visual identity @ToddWheatland #cmworld
(via Belinda Weaver ‏@copywritemattrs)

B2C track

559957_545582702139363_1199236839_nContent Success: Putting Your Customer First with Content Marketing
Jo Shapland and Fegus Stoddart

Find your ‘white space’ – where and what is the zone that you can drill down and add tangible value.
(via Venessa Paech @venessapaech)

JNJNews Johnson & Johnson are one of the best examples of consumer #contentmarketing – 29m mums/mnth visit the site #cmworld
(via Aideen McDonald ‏@AideenMcDonald)

Map competitor strengths and weaknesses around content and community
(via Venessa Paech @venessapaech)

#cmworld – Content should reflect the customer journey – whether rational, emotional, explorative or a combination #contentmktg
(via Castleford Media @castlefordmedia)

If you’re looking for a long term relationship with your customers, content marketing is a long term solution #cmworld
(via Aideen McDonald ‏@AideenMcDonald)

#CMWorld Content + community has given Woolies 3 x membership growth, decreased churn, increased referrals, engagement & frequency
(via Venessa Paech @venessapaech)

Find a key customer segment, set up a targeted content marketing plan, engage customers, and increase sales
(via Aideen McDonald ‏@AideenMcDonald)

#CMWorld Woolies very clear about editorial vs. sponsored content. Disclaimed. Credibility must be maintained to nurture trust and exchange.
(via Venessa Paech @venessapaech)

540810_545582768806023_1570893485_nCreating Fans with Content Strategies Using All Channels
Matt Pinkney

Understand your traffic flow and tailor your content accordingly #afl #cmworld
(via King Content @king_content)

Design is massively important for #AFL. Bring in a designer as soon as story is determined #cmworld

Telling the stories warts and all, key to trust for afl media.#CMWorld
(via Brad Smith @BradleyASmith)

Know the exact minute, hours and days your audience engages with you most @AFLMedia #CMWorld
(via King Content @king_content)

“Try test and discard if necessary”- content marketing principle from afl media head of content #cmworld
(via King Content @king_content)

194% audience growth on app platforms #aflmedia #cmworld
(via King Content @king_content)

#cmworld we are encouraging our reporters to use vine to cover breaking news – @MattPinkney #aflmedia
(via Ryan Northover @RyanNorthover)

181095_545768308787469_1469066725_nContent Marketing: An Agency’s Perspective
Karl Bates

Karl Bates (Mccann): We know longer have the choice. The audience is no longer passive. We need to deliver killer #content. #CMWorld
(via King Content @king_content)

Don’t think like a marketer, think like internet says Karl Bates #cmworld

Create content worth sharing. That’s where most people fall down says Karl Bates.

Be brave and trust your instincts. Safe is not always the best option. #dumbwaystodie

Make your content an experience instead of selling says Karl Bates #cmworld

You need to adapt and respond quickly. Even once content is out, your job is not done. Karl Bates at #cmworld

374398_545768335454133_2009027281_nPartnerships and Co-Creation as Key to Content Marketing
Kate Vale

97% of businesses say music can strengthen their brand. Yet most don’t invest in determining the sounds of their brand.
(via Venessa Paech @venessapaech)

Kate Vale from Spotify thinks ‘music strategies’ will become more common in next few years.
(via Venessa Paech @venessapaech)

Aussies take note “@juntajoe: Spotify is becoming what MySpace should have evolved into. Social sharing platform for music lovers.
(via Michelle Ryan @michelle_ryan0)

“More than 50% of all activity on social revolves around #music says Kate Vale @Spotify
(via Cim Smith @cimonetta)

Spotify uses partnered pop-up events offline to create memorable experiences and fuel deeper connections #cmworld
(via Venessa Paech @venessapaech)

If you were able to join us at CMW, let us know what we missed in the comments. And, see you tomorrow!