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Three Treatments For Dissociative Content Disorder

In Diagnosis: A Serious but Curable Disease: Content Dissociative Disorder, Author Ardath Albee explains about the critical condition of this disorder and how to avoid it.

Define Your Company Persona

Create an umbrella persona for your company or brand. Just as a buyer persona is representative of a target market, a company persona is representative of how you want your market to see you. This persona will help to align all of your messaging and present an engaging and recognizable voice. Just remember that your messaging and content must be human, not robotic.

Get Your Brand Publishers on Board

Aim for consistency across all of the marketing channels you use, including content producers outside of marketing. Remember: your presence should be easily identifiable and deliver on the expectations set in one channel when experienced on another. With some practice, you’ll begin to see how minor variations in voice can meet the needs of different formats and channels without creating confusion. Each writer will add their own flavor—and that keeps it interesting—but the point is to ensure that all of your content works together to build buying momentum.

Map It

Just as keeping a journal helps us learn more about ourselves, mapping all the content you use to engage a specific market segment will help you see when you veer off track. Your map should include digital and traditional, demand gen, corporate marcom, PR, advertising, social media and any other channel in use. Review your map to ensure your content motivates progression across the buying stages and look for opportunities to connect channels and ideas in compelling ways.