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The Year of Content Marketing How


The Year of Content Marketing What – Most marketers never heard the term and didn’t “get” it. Lots of explaining to do.


The Year of Content Marketing Why – Marketers now knew what is was, but needed to convince their teams (and bosses) why it was so important (if you are not convinced, get the content marketing book).


The Year of Content Marketing How – Marketers know what it is and why it’s so important. 2010 is the year we see major content marketing projects come to fruition (especially online). Marketers are talking content strategy and how content needs to be the center of their social media program.

I’ve been talking about the content marketing revolution for over a decade now.  It seems like it took 10 years for us to get to it.

We are in the middle of something amazing, whether you realize it or not.  Brands, small, medium and large, are the publishers of today and tomorrow.

Long live content marketing.