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The Ultimate Guide to Creating an eBook – The eBook eBook

Wanted to pass on an outstanding eBook from Jonathan Kranz on the what, how and why for developing an eBook. 

First off, this is a great example of how to do an eBook: inviting design, easy-to-follow organization, great examples, and a readable, natural voice.

Second, if you are considering an eBook as part of your marketing plans, this is a must read.  Below is the embed, but you can download the complete version from Jonathan here. The best part is, Jonathan is eating his own dog food by not requiring any registration in advance of getting the eBook (way to go Jonathan!).

The eBook eBook 11 Point Checklist

  1. Find an exciting subject that really means something to your customers
  2. Identify subject matter experts and other sources of precious information
  3. Frame the subject on terms favorable to your business
  4. Use conflict to create dramatic interest
  5. Organize your content for easier writing and reading
  6. Pick the best approach for packaging your expertise
  7. Create callouts and sidebars that stimulate interest
  8. Craft an inviting introduction that lures readers inside
  9. Lead readers to the next step of engagement with your business
  10. Design your ebook to complement your ideas
  11. Plan to promote your ebook for maximum market impact

Another relevant article – why giving away your eBook for free can help you generate print sales.