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The Best Pizza Box Marketing Ever

A new pizza joint called PizzaBOGO just opened up on the west side of Cleveland. We decided to give it a try.

Yes, the pizza was great…but even more exciting was the pizza box (I know, I’m a marketing geek).

Best Pizza Box Ever

On the box are contact points wherever PizzaBOGO customers are at:

  • Online – Go to the Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Text in your order
  • QR Code which takes users directly to the coupons of the day

And, if you want even better offers, just need to sign up for their email alerts. ┬áBut it gets better…if you want the best deals on the planet (even better than the email alerts), you can sign up to be part of their BOGOclub where you get their special recipes, coupons and free products (great way to segment their audience and create loyal customers).

I’d make only one recommendation…put a phone number on the box. ┬áSometimes people still call in for their pizza.

Great pizza…even better marketing.