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Tech Tools that Social Influencers Use

Tools social influencers use to launch words off the page and into social streams.

Optimized Copy

Natural language programming, or NLP technology, is the behind-the-scenes science that evaluates your content’s context. Inbound Writer’s interactive editor lets you experiment with different words and content structures, and observe in real time how your content score changes based on your choices. Use it to increase the popularity and competitiveness of a piece of online content.


SlideRocket allows you to build slide presentations collaboratively, share them publicly or privately online, and track visitor analytics. If a slide is updated, it automatically updates every presentation that references it, too.

Magazine Creation

Your challenge: produce a slick online magazine that retains a print feel. Add direct links to product and service sites and distribute that bad boy online via social circles and search discovery: that’s the concept behind Issuu. The site recently was featured in The New York Times because it is the platform used by Lonny, the home decor magazine distributed in virtual format but earning big-time brick-and-mortar advertisers.

iPad Ready

Jason Baptise, CEO of Onswipe, says “apps are bullsh*t.” He believes publishers spend too much on apps and compromise control of their content. Onswipe provides an app-like touch-screen experience for tablets and phones, without all the development costs. The service makes your digital content accelerator-aware (so visitors can view horizontally or vertically) and visitors can comment and share content socially.