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175+ Favorite Tech Tools of Content Marketers

We’ve updated this article with the 2019 results of our survey asking about favorite content tech tools. Many have stayed at the top, while new ones have jumped onto the lists.

Want to be a better content marketer? Don’t overlook the importance of technology.

CMI research shows content tech proficiency is a key differentiator between the most successful and the least successful content marketers.

Of course, tech success is more likely if you pick technologies well suited to your program’s needs. But that’s easier said than done. A CMI study conducted in 2019 found that only 58% of content marketers say their companies have the technology to manage content across the enterprise. And only 16% of those say they’re using that tech to its potential. Oof.

Only 58% of content marketers have the tech to manage content across the enterprise via @CMIContent #research. @kmoutsos #ContentTECH Share on X

As content tech options expand every day, creating a short list of options – let alone selecting the optimal choice – only gets more complex. A well-planned tech strategy and thorough research to determine the solutions that best fit your team and tech needs remain the best way to sort through the options.

Still, when considering new technologies, many content tech buyers are curious about what tools and technologies other content marketers use to build their programs.

We were too, so we asked.

Tech a look under the content marketing hood

Earlier this year, we surveyed the CMI community about which content tools and technologies they can’t live without.

If you’re one of the 370 or so who took it, you might remember how the survey worked. We offered a drop-down list of content technologies in 47 categories (with a write-in option). Respondents didn’t have to pick a favorite in every category.

This year we asked participants to answer a couple questions that shed light on how they approach tech decisions. We asked their preference for the simplicity of all-in-one platforms or the power of specialized tools. A little more than half (57.8%) said they opt for the all-in-one approach.

58% of content marketers prefer all-in-one tech tools via @CMIContent #research. @kmoutsos #ContentTECH Share on X

That choice should make IT departments happy, as Sarah Mitchell explains in her CCO article about tech debt, because all-in-one suites typically require less customization and configuration.

We also asked about tools participants expect to be important but aren’t using currently. The top three responses were:

  • Artificial intelligence software
  • Content analytics
  • Account-based marketing

Read on for the six categories that attracted the most responses, followed by the top votes for the remaining categories. (For a complete list, check out the ContentTECH directory – you’ll see a fan-favorite badge next to companies that made it into the top five in this survey.)

Content marketing

Perhaps not surprisingly, more people (269) picked a favorite in the content marketing category than in any other. Of this group, 23% named DivvyHQ. Rounding out the top five in this category are: HubSpot, CoSchedule, GrowthHackers Workflow, and Google.

Team collaboration

Content teams love (and depend on) their collaboration tools. More than 250 content marketers responded to this question. Eighteen percent picked DivvyHQ as their favorite collaboration tool. Slack, Asana, Trello, and Microsoft also earned the fan-favorite designation.

Email marketing

When it comes to content, email marketing software is a top technology for 85% of B2B content marketers, according to the latest CMI research. And, among the nearly 250 who picked a favorite in this category, 27% named Mailchimp their favorite. Other favorites in the top five include HubSpot, Marketo, Constant Contact, and Pardot.

When it comes to #content, #email marketing software is a top #technology for 85% of B2B content marketers, according to the latest @cmicontent #research via @kmoutsos. Share on X

Digital analytics

Nearly half (48%) of the 244 people who chose a favorite in this category named Google Analytics the top pick. Rounding out the top five: DivvyHQ, SEMrush, Adobe, and Moz.

CMS and web experience management

For those who manage a content hub or blog, the CMS (and how well you use it) can have a major impact on your work life and on the experience you offer your audience. WordPress took the top spot, named a favorite by 48% of the 240 respondents. Other favorites in this category include HubSpot and Adobe.

Project management

Coordinating tasks and deadlines among all the people involved (and who may not work in the same department, building, or even time zone) requires a lot of organization, communication, and a project management tool. For 19% of the 237 content marketers who picked a favorite, that tool was DivvyHQ. Trello, Asana, Basecamp, and CoSchedule also earned fan-favorite status.

The crest of the rest

While other categories were more niche (not as many people chose a favorite), they all provide important functions for content initiatives. Here’s a recap of those favorites (top pick listed first):

Account-based marketing (ABM)

Advocacy software (employee, brand, customer)

Artificial intelligence (AI) for content marketing

AI platform software

AI writing assistant

Analytics/business intelligence

Content analytics

Content distribution

Content experience

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Demand generation

Desktop publishing

Digital asset management (DAM)


Enterprise content management

Freelance platforms

Headless CMS

Influencer marketing

Live chat platforms

Marketing analytics

Marketing automation

Marketing resource management

Mobile marketing

Native advertising

Online community management

Online reputation management




Public relations


Sales intelligence

Search marketing

Social media analytics

Social media management

Social media monitoring

Social media suites

Survey tools/software

Translation services


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Webinars/virtual events/conferencing tools

How to use (and not use) these results

No one would advise you to base your technology selection on what other content marketers use. That’s not the goal of this survey. The perfect option for you might or might not be one of this year’s fan favorites. Your tech needs may be different from those of other companies.

No one would advise you to base your #technology selection on what other content marketers use, says @kmoutsos via @cmicontent. #ContentTECH Share on X

Think of these survey results (and the ContentTECH directory) as a jumping-off point for exploration. Last year, several respondents told us they were surprised by the number of content tech options they’d never heard of. Explore the directory (and tech options in general) with your team’s goals and circumstances in mind.

Do your research, talk to your teams (including IT), evaluate your options, and then embrace your technology choices.

And let us know your thoughts on your favorite technologies in the comments.

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Please note: All tools included in this post are suggested by the survey respondents. Feel free to include additional tools in the comments (from your company or ones you have used).

Cover image by Joseph Kalinowski/Content Marketing Institute