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Help Me Help You – Spend Content Marketing Money

Well, first the bad news.

After months of trying to work this out, the winner of Junta42’s $4200 in 42 Days Contest, 48HourPrint, decided not to move forward with their project. (for those of you who don’t remember, every project match that went through the Junta42 system over a 42 day period was eligible to receive the $4200 dollars)

When we started this contest, we all thought how easy it would be to give this money away. I mean, who wouldn’t want $4200 to kick-start a content project, be it a blog, a newsletter, a video series or even (heaven forbid) something in print?

Now, the good news.

We have $4200 to try something new.

What should we do? What would you do? Should we give it away (I’m thinking yes)? Should we spend it on our own content (that’s not as much fun)?

How would you spend $4200? Would you go video, blog content, search strategies? Maybe you’d get a content audit and strategy completed, so you’d know exactly what needs to happen with your content marketing strategy?

Drop me a line and let me know…maybe I can give the money to you.