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How to Use the Social Web For Content Marketing (It’s About More Than Creating Content)

There is often talk about the connection between content and social media, and I don’t deny that these two things are inextricably linked. However, there is much more to the social web than content. To truly make connections, you need to be, well, social.

Take a look at the presentation below that tells a great story of how the social web woks through three things:

  • Targeted connections
  • Meaningful content
  • Authentic helpfulness

Not only did the three people in this story (one of whom is me) start a relationship, but these relationships resulted in actual business.  This is a great primer for anyone who is wondering, “How exactly does the social web work, and I how can I get started?” and it provides tips for anyone who is looking to be a bit more social.

The presentation also provides some good ideas on how you can find people with whom you may want to connect using tools such as LinkedIn, Listorious, and Twellow.

Note: You can view the Brainshark presentation or download the transcript.