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3 Sites to Showcase Your Personal Brand

I  had the opportunity to sit through another great Drew Davis presentation at the Niche Digital Conference this week. I don’t know how Drew finds the time to test and review online technology like he does, but he found a couple places I wasn’t aware of for building your personal brand online.  Here they are.

About Me Joe Pulizzi

I caught onto about six months ago (here is my profile) and now use it when people want to find out everything about me, both to my personal and business ventures.  It includes my business sites and the majority of my social media identities.

It’s also a page that can be found in Google, so I like the option of creating another content asset to direct people to my social media sites.  And, for those people looking for a job, it’s a good resume landing page.

Two other services that are pretty similar that you may want to look into include:

As Drew said so well in his presentation, the best advice is to pick the technologies or platforms that make sense for you and your business, and put your effort into one.  My advice would be the same.  Whether it’s, or Zerply, choose one to invest your time, and direct people to that site. I like because it seems to be getting the most traction, but any one of these will do.

You may also just want to invest in your own web page (here’s my site) or even focus on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page. Whatever you decide, the moral of the story is to make sure that what you want represented online is actually being done (does your mirror image look right online?).

If you have any other sites out there that do similar things, please pass them on in the comments below.