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13 Scary Reasons Your Content Marketing Will Fail

13 scary reasons-grinning jack-o-lanternBy now, you’ve heard us at Content Marketing Institute spout over and over about how the majority of marketers lack any sort of documented content marketing strategy. It’s hard to win the war, let alone a battle, without having some sort of strategic plan.

But it’s not that simple. Within any enterprise, there are a number of indicators that, if present, can spell doom for your content marketing efforts. So while we are on the subject of content marketing doom and gloom, we thought we’d have a little bit of Halloween fun with it. 

And now, for your consideration, the 13 scary reasons why your content marketing will fail. But don’t despair: In the presentation below, we also include quick tips to help turn your shortcomings into opportunities. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

  1. Your content is all about you.
  2. Your fear of failing paralyzes.
  3. You’re setting the bar too low.
  4. You’re not sourcing correctly.
  5. You operate in silos.
  6. You don’t seek out discomfort.
  7. You don’t have calls to action.
  8. You are not excelling at any one channel.
  9. The content role isn’t owned.
  10. Your C-level doesn’t buy in.
  11. You are not niche enough.
  12. Your team is too slow.
  13. You execute inconsistently.

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