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How to Scale Content Marketing within the Organization

The February issue of Chief Content Officer magazine is in the mail, and in it you’ll find our interviews with top content marketing experts — including entrepreneurs, strategists, authors, and enterprise marketers.

We wanted to know: What issues should sophisticated marketers understand and analyze for their own businesses?

Among the big findings:

  • Marketers understand the role of content marketing and, by and large, are experimenting with a range of tactics and technologies. What they need, however, is the ability to build scale. Launching a blog is great, but how do you tie in a team of writers, automate tasks, promote your message across many channels, integrate with other activities, and measure like a pro?
  • We know this already, but many of us just aren’t practicing it: Get away from campaign thinking and adopt “always on” thinking. It’s nothing new, but many marketers haven’t taken the step to really systematize the shift across the board.
  • Companies must evolve to consider SEO as larger than search in the traditional sense. Instead, marketers must understand and leverage “discovery” — that crazy, sought-after surge of sharing that occurs when you publish high-quality content to the right channels and then watch your finely tuned network plug the hell out of it.
  • Hire geeks. Not the bean-counting type, but marketing engineers who are quant jocks and marketing experts.

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Our other features this month are also quite thought provoking, intended to help marketers study and analyze issues that aren’t often talked about:

  • A killer article by Todd Wheatland about all that you don’t know about LinkedIn. We promise it’s not another shlumpy article about how to set up your profile. Todd talks about the algorithms LinkedIn uses to judge your fitness for certain jobs based on how you behave online.
  • A call-to-action by Rand Schulman about U.S. universities and their failure to train top-league marketers — and what should be done to change it.

Read it and chime in (#ccomag) to let us know how we’re doing and what topics you’d like to see us take on in the future.