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How to Rock at Content Marketing: Tips from 36 Industry Stars

Rock and roll is noisy in a good way; marketing is noisy in a bad way. How can you break through the immense din that is modern marketing?

content marketers who rockJay Baer asks (and later answers) this immensely critical question in the new eBook, 36 Content Marketers Who Rock.

The eBook, created by TopRank Online and CMI, provides useful tips from 36 content marketers who rock, all of whom are speaking at Content Marketing World 2013. Inside, you’ll find helpful industry insights, and more than a few of the secrets of content marketing success, as shared by evangelists like Ardath Albee, Ann Handley, and Doug Kessler, as well as prominent brands like Intel (Pam Didner), Coca-Cola (Jonathan Mildenhall), and REI (Paolo Mottola).

Whether you are already planning to attend this year’s CMW event (and, of course, we hope you are) or are looking to learn a few tricks from seasoned content marketing professionals, this eBook is sure to provide plenty of ideas and inspiration.

36 Content Marketers Who Rock offers expert advice on some of the biggest issues and challenges facing our industry, including content distribution and discovery, standing out among the competition, driving conversions, and forging enduring relationships with consumers.

Here are a few teasers on what it takes to create content that will strike a chord with your target audiences:

Content marketing is too often executed like a typical studio album — a number of unconnected songs — or worse, a bunch of random iTunes singles.

  • What goal are you trying to achieve?
  • What story do you need to tell?
  • What content do you need?

This is how you create a content marketing ‘hit’ for your business objective. Rock on.”  —Brian Clark

Great bands aren’t just performing for their own entertainment. Rather, they are absorbing audience feedback and playing the music that makes them scream for more.

As a content marketing rock star, create harmony with your audience by delivering experiences that motivate people to get out of their seats. Do this enough and listeners become your fans… and your viral network. Cue the encore and watch them wave their smartphones.”  —Buddy Scalera

Like any musician, I try to create content that ‘speaks to’ my audience, and then hustle like hell to get it discovered — advertising, social media, PR, and always relying on ‘fans’ to get the word out!” —Joe Chernov

Do you have any tips you’d like to share on how to rock at content marketing? Let us know in the comments. Or, come see us — and many other content marketers who rock — at Content Marketing World 2013, September 9 – 12 in Cleveland, Ohio.