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[New Research] Custom Content Marketing Surges with CMO’s; Consumers

Released today at the Custom Content Conference, the Custom Content Council with Roper Affairs released the preliminary results of a CMO and Consumer Attitude study on custom content marketing.  The original study was performed in 2006. Here are the highlights of the 2011 study:

Chief Marketing Officers

  • 35% of CMOs surveyed believe that custom content marketing is the future of marketing, versus 19% in 2006.
  • CMOs see an increased value to custom content – 87% feel it’s valuable in 2011 versus 72% in 2006.


  • 77% of consumers understand that the company’s goal for content creation is to sell them something.
  • 73% of consumers prefer to get information from a company in the form of a collection of articles over an advertisement.
  • 69% of consumers like that custom content marketing targets their interests.
  • 67% feel that custom content from a company is valuable.
  • 61% feel better about a company that delivers custom content AND are in turn more likely to buy from that company.

A few things are clear today that were not clear five years ago.  First, CMOs do not have to be sold on the value of content marketing. Second, as more consumers move away from irrelevant, interruption-based marketing whenever possible, they recognize and rewards companies that lead with instructional and informative content.  The result: we’ll continue to see more dollars spent on customized, branded content through all channels.

As more details are released on this study I’ll be sure to update this post.