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Native Advertising and the Debate on Content Marketing as Journalism

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This week’s show:

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welcome to the cmi channel

Show overview

1. Content Marketing in the News

  • Dreamforce 2013: Joe and Robert banter about Dreamforce and what the growth of the event means to content marketing. According to Robert, is missing one crucial element in its software cloud pie — a web content management system. Will that be the next pickup for Salesforce? (Contributing article: CNN)
  • Is It All Just Marketing?: David Meerman Scott’s recent post covers how, today, inbound marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and brand journalism are all just marketing. Yes, this is all a bit of “inside baseball,” but Joe and Robert both feel there are important distinctions for the industry. (Contributing article: Web Ink Now)
  • Native Advertising Spending on the Rise: eMarketer revises its numbers upward for the native advertising industry. A side conversation ensues about whether native advertising is actually good or bad for publishers. As a marketer, Robert says he doesn’t care how it ultimately gets characterized, but he still wants to take advantage of this “rent-to-own” strategy while he can. (Contributing article: FierceCMO)
  • Content Marketing as Journalism, and Where That Ends: Ooh… this was a good one. Both Joe and Robert take the hard line and disagree with Chris Seper’s most recent LinkedIn post about content marketing and brand journalism. (Contributing articles: Here’s Chris Seper’s post; and Joe published a follow-up post on LinkedIn, as well.)

2. Rants & Raves

  • Robert’s Rant and Rave: Robert discusses his recent meetings with two enterprise marketing teams. One understands its buying cycle and was ready for a content marketing approach. The other had no understanding of where its customers’ pain points lie… so it’s hard to identify where content can serve as the cure.
  • Joe’s Rant: Joe rants about his latest one-star review for Epic Content Marketing, and how he didn’t exactly handle the situation like a pro. Robert gives his guidance. Check out the full one-star review in all its glory here (along with Joe’s unfortunate response).

3. This Old Marketing Example of the Week

  • WLS (World’s Largest Store) Radio was launched on April 9, 1924 by Sears. Broadcasting several hours a day, the station adopts the slogan, “Bringing the World to the Farm.” Sears made the decision to develop its own radio station and programming as a replacement to buying airtime on other stations. The goal: to sell more radios. Sears believed that if it could develop better radio programming, more people would buy radios. We think it worked. (Contributing article: The History of WLS Radio)

world's largest store-old radio illustration

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