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Microsite Yields Big Results for PTC

Microsites may be small, but they sure are mighty!

Microsites are particularly well-suited to content marketing endeavors. Three reasons:

  • A microsite focuses tightly on a narrowly-defined topic. The concentration of information is a boon for people and search engines alike.
  • Microsites tend to attract thought leaders and influencers who are passionate about a particular topic.
  • The smaller scale of a microsite lends itself to shorter development and launch timetables.

Software design firm PTC understood the benefits of creating a specialized microsite. In CMI’s case study, “Going Micro for a Macro Idea”, you’ll learn how they built and leveraged¬†a microsite to build community and industry awareness prior to the launch of CREO, a new software suite.

Here’s an overview of primary steps PTC used to build an effective microsite for content marketing purposes.

Narrowly and clearly define the boundaries of your topic

PTC’s CREO microsite focuses on the CAD design technology industry as a whole. It also provides a behind-the-scenes look at the development process of CREO, their soon-to-be-released software.

Create educational content that invites contributor involvement

The CREO microsite is filled with commentary from CAD experts and specialized engineers. This bookends content contributed by CAD designers, software developers, and other passionate laypeople.

Ensure the content is easily shareable

Passionate people are great ambassadors for other like-minded people. PTC makes it easy for their content to be shared in social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

The results

The CREO microsite was launched under a tight deadline, but the results have been impressive. The site quickly crossed over 100,000 visitors with over 70% new to PTC. The team continues to add new content to the site on a daily basis.

Want more details?

Read the in-depth case study of how PTC, a software design firm, successfully created a niche micro-site to market the launch of a new product line. You’ll learn the specifics of the program as well as details on what they are glad they did.