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Announcing My New Book: Managing Content Marketing

The past few months have been busy.

The big international content marketing event is next week.

We launched a content marketing news channel.

The Content Marketing Institute site got a much-needed face lift.

So, you probably could tell that I was getting a bit bored…so Robert Rose and I decided to write a book (launching at Content Marketing World) called Managing Content Marketing: The Real-World Guide for Creating Passionate Subscribers to Your Brand.

Why this Book and Why Now?

Managing Content Marketing the BookIn my first book with Newt Barrett, Get Content Get Customers, we needed to explain the why of content marketing.  Back in 2008, most marketers didn’t get the concept yet. Fast forward three years and everyone we talk to and consult with get the concept, but they are all struggling with how to actually implement and integrate content marketing into their organizations.  That’s exactly what Managing Content Marketing is…it’s an owner’s manual to help you actually put content marketing to work in your organization.

Robert goes through the 10 takeaways/questions from the book in this excellent CMI post:

  1. How do we build the business case for content marketing?
  2. Who are our buyer personas?
  3. What are our pillars of content?
  4. What channels do we use?
  5. What’s our content marketing workflow?
  6. What tools do we need to make content marketing happen?
  7. How do we get the choir to sing?
  8. What is the best way to listen?
  9. How do we measure success?
  10. How do we put it all together and integrate it with our total marketing plan?

When and Where Can I Buy a Copy?

If you’ll be at Content Marketing World, we’ll have a limited supply available for purchase (they will literally be hot off the press).  You’ll be able to buy directly from in the next few weeks.  We’ve already been getting requests for bulk copies.  If your organization is interested in bulk purchases, complete your information here and we’ll get right back to you.

Big Thanks

So many people to thank on this one.  First and foremost, to my co-author Robert Rose for taking the ball and running with this.  Also thanks to Jeffery Hayzlett, former CMO of Kodak and the author of The Mirror Test, for writing a most excellent foreword for the book.  Finally, thanks to the CMI Books team for working night and day to make sure this was ready for the show: Newt Barrett, Lisa Murton-Beets, Joe Watson and Neal Lorenzi.

Robert and I really feel proud about this book, which is based on actually working with real companies on their content marketing strategies and tactics. I truly hope it helps you take the next content marketing step in your organization, big or small.