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Less of Me, More of You – A Stella Pop Content Marketing Video

Big thanks to Mike O’Grady at Stella Pop for putting out the latest edition of eVidmagazine featuring yours truly.  

Although Mike was originally thinking a two or three minute video interview, he decided that the video worked best as a 10 minute segment.  Hey, he’s the expert, so I’m not going to disagree with him.

My biggest takeaway from the video was this – Less of me and more of you (well, not literally since it’s almost 10 minutes of me).  What I mean is that brands are starting to focus much more on you (the buyer) and much less on the “me” (themselves).

In simplest terms, that’s what it means to be a publisher. For example, just pick up your local paper, NY Times or BusinessWeek magazine.  Very little of the content is focused on the publications themselves.  

hmmm, why not? Well, because they want people to actually read it.

Where did corporations go wrong thinking that our customers wanted to hear all about our products and services?  Buyers don’t.  They care about themselves.  Buyers are very selfish.  

So as publishers, corporations now need to give buyers content they need to live better lives or succeed in their jobs.  We talk about this and more in the following video, including:

– What if customers actually requested your marketing?
– Social media doesn’t work without a content strategy.
– Who’s responsible for the corporate story?

I hope you enjoy. And again, great job Mike!