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Is Everything Becoming Custom?

A good friend of mine passed me this article by Ari Rosenberg for Online Publishing Insider¬†on the big changes in media today. Ari’s premise is that if you are in media, you want to live in Bigdealville.

Ari’s point is dead on…in order to live in Bigdealville (get the big media programs), you HAVE to think custom. Banner ads just won’t cut it if the advertiser wants to engage the user…that is why custom integration is so key to any online program.

All in all, Ari is dead on with what is going on in content marketing from a media perspective. But here are two key takeaways:

1. The majority of online programs on media sites will be custom over the next couple years.
2. Unfortunately for media companies, big brands won’t need the help of media brands to do these types of programs in the future. They will be able to leverage their own data and content and do it themselves.