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Content marketers love infographics, but the very best examples look expensive and complicated. Enter The designers behind the beautiful infographics at power the design engine at, helping to make high-end infographics accessible to all. Their new creation tools let you design infographics in mere minutes using a portfolio of storyline templates. “We are defining a new space — allowing users to create sexy, high impact data visualizations,” says co-founder Stew Langille.

For companies who want to tell stories with their own “big data,” offers partnerships to visualize new datasets and promote the resulting infographics through sites like The Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post.

Finally, hosts a great library of infographics, uploaded by designers all over the world, to inspire you and open up your mind to the elegant art of infographics. Among our favorites:

Diagrams Rule: A Satirical Look at Infographics



The Trustworthiness of Beards

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