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Want to Incorporate Design into Your Content? Check Out These Infographics

As readers’ attention spans become shorter, visuals becoming increasingly important. Sometimes the best content is presented in a graphic that readers can quickly understand. My prediction is that infographics are going to become more important to content marketing programs, so we asked our contributors to share their favorites.

The Blog Tree

Eloqua recently created The Blog Tree, a beautifully designed infographic showing the ecosystem of marketing and PR blogs. As Joe Chernov, Eloqua’s Director of Content, describes, “It’s both a blog list and an infographic.  It’s both practical and playful.  It’s both something to use and something to muse.” Even cooler, Eloqua is asking bloggers to tag themselves on the tree–which has helped to ramp up online chatter about the tree and Eloqua. It’s part art, part social, part awesome!

Contributed by Clare McDermott

Fast Company infographics

I love the infographics from Fast Company’s design blog. One example is How to Make Money on the Internet. The message for content marketers? A picture or image (if done right) IS worth 1,000 words.

Contributed by John Nawn

Flowtown blog infographics


I love the blog at Flowtown for the simple fact that they nearly always jam all their content into an infographic. Incredibly good at putting complex information and detail into one visual image, every graphic has a distinctive quality making it instantly recognizable as coming from Flowtown. Regardless of the topic, if I see a tweet go out with a link to the Flowtown blog, I go have a look.

Contributed by Sarah Mitchell


Little Red Riding Hood Retold

The Little Red Riding Hood Retold animation in an infographic style (by Damaged Rhino) is brilliant.

It manages to parody the infographic style while being an excellent example of it at the same time.

Contributed by Doug Kessler

The Social Marketing Compass

The Social Marketing Compass by Brian Solis and JESS3 is a thing of beauty and reveals its content progressively as you browse around it. This and the Little Red Riding Hood Retold infographics inspire me to have more fun in my work. To do really beautiful things that tell a story clearly and effectively. To put in the extra effort to do something you’d be thrilled to be associated with. And all of these examples remind me to look for different ways to do things instead of following the pack.

Contributed by Doug Kessler

Looking for even more infographics? Check out this post from Designbeep that presents 20 Cool Social Media Infographics to Show the Power of Sharing.

What other infographics inspire you? Share them in the examples below!