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How to Use Facebook’s Newest Feature to Deliver Targeted Content

deliver targeted content on Facebook, CMIYou may have noticed that Facebook has been devoting a great deal of attention to extending the advertising options available to marketers and Facebook Page administrators. With the onslaught of new feature after new feature, it’s easy to overlook a recent one that may actually change the game when it comes to distributing content on this platform.

The new option is called Page Post Targeting and is actually rolling out right now. Many Pages with more than 5,000 fans have already been given access. 

Page Post Targeting gives Page administrators a better way to get the right message in front of relevant community members. Just like with email marketing, they’ll now be able to segment their audience and deliver customized content to the different groups. This will prevent marketers from interrupting community members whom the specific message doesn’t pertain to and allow them to reach their intended audience with customized relevant content.

The new targeting options include the ability to include data like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interested in (male/female)
  • Relationship status
  • Language
  • Education

Once your Page gets access to this feature, you’ll notice the “target” Page Post Targeting icon appears next to the Scheduling “clock” icon and the location “pin” below the status window. Here’s how you target your posts:

deliver targeted content with Facebook Image 2, CMI

1. Click the Target

2. Choose your Targeting Options

3. Post

Yep, it’s that easy! The more complex part is deciding how to segment your community audience and planning the customized content that you plan to share.

One thing to note is that, while targeted posts won’t show up in a community member’s news feed if they aren’t in the target segment, all posts will still be visible on the Page’s wall. This will hopefully prevent Pages from mass distributing multiple versions of the same message that are customized only slightly to many groups.

How you might use this new feature

Perhaps you are a jewelry retailer. Previously you would have had to inundate your entire Facebook community base with male-centric messages about buying their wives or girlfriends the perfect diamond necklace come Valentine’s Day. With Facebook’s new targeting option, you could, instead, choose specific products to feature and target them directly to the men in your audience most likely to be looking for Valentine’s Day gifts — based on a Relationship Status targeting feature along with the Gender Targeting option. These messages wouldn’t be seen by the women or single men in the audience (unless they went to your wall). In turn, your female fans could be targeted to receive a message showcasing the specials you’re running on cuff links or tie clasps, inviting them to purchase for their significant others.

Or, imagine then that you are a post-secondary education establishment: Instead of all of your community members having to see messages about your undergrad programs, you target by education, you could now ensure that only master’s program messages appear in the feeds of those in your community who have already achieved their bachelor’s degree.

This kind of targeted content delivery via Facebook is just the beginning. Now, not only will your fans be more likely to interact and engage with your content, but they also won’t have to be interrupted by content that doesn’t interest them.

If you’re interested in learning the ins and outs of the new Facebook feature, take a look at the Page Post Targeting Guide recently released by Terralever.

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Image credit: Scott McAndrew