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How Simple Gestures Can Grow Your Business

The homily at Church yesterday was about simple gestures.

It was how an anonymous person left five full lunches (sandwich, fruit and pretzels in each) on the steps of the church. The next morning those five lunches fed five people who needed food. It created five incredibly happy people and also eased the burden on the church’s “back door” program (which feeds those in need).

It was how someone years ago started putting fruit baskets together for the home-bound in the near west-side of Cleveland. Back then it created dozens of happy people who received them. Today there are over 700 elderly and home-bound individuals who eagerly look forward to those fruit baskets.

Simple gestures make a difference. Simple gestures can change the world.

Simple gestures can change your business.

The regular tips from P&G’s Home Made Simple helps the incredibly busy working mom (or dad) keep the house together and keep the kids fed. The result: more family time. Just a simple gesture from P&G. What does P&G get back? Home Made Simple is one of P&G’s most successful (and least expensive) R&D tools.

MasterCard Small Business used to be all about just making it easy for people to get a new credit card. Today, they actively develop content about how small businesses are dealing with business issues in order to be successful. Just a simple gesture from MasterCard. What does MasterCard get back? More than 50% of new card sign ups come directly from an educational article.

Hubspot developed to help small businesses quickly evaluate how they can improve their websites. Just a simple gesture from Hubspot. What does Hubspot get back? Website Grade is Hubspot’s most powerful lead generator by far, and has been instrumental in their rapid growth.

Simple gestures, or the giving of time and knowledge to help your customers succeed, can change your marketing, your business, your employees and most importantly, the way your customers view your company.

By “giving gifts” to your customers, you become a trusted solutions provider. When they are ready to buy, they look to you, because you helped them. Just a simple gesture.

Simple gestures attract prospects. Continuing to provide simple gestures keep customers for a lifetime.

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