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How Ringo Starr Can Help You Create Rockin’ Blog Content

As a blogger, do you know you face the same challenge Ringo Starr faces every time he decides to tour?

Ringo always needs more content for his shows.
And you always need more content for your blog.

Sure, Ringo had a few hits. But does he have enough hits for an entire show?
Um, no.

So what does he do?
Ringo adds new songs to his existing songs by calling in other rock stars.

When you see Ringo Starr in concert, not only do you get to see a former Beatle perform, you see rock icons like Peter Frampton, Todd Rundgren, Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer, Randy Bachman, Billy Squier and Joe Walsh perform their hits, too.

Ringo creates an “All-Starr” band each time he tours.

As a blogger, can you use Ringo’s strategy to create your own “All-Starr” band?

You bet you can, and in three simple steps.

It’s easy to boost your own content while giving your readers a more valuable and interesting experience. All you need is “a little help from your friends.”

Here are three steps you can follow to keep your blog content rockin.’

Step #1: Create a list of possible participants

Here’s what Ringo does. He figures out who would make great partners on his tour. Of course, he’ll check their availability later on, but he starts with his “dream team.”

You’ll do the same thing: create your “dream team.” Don’t worry about availability just yet. Daydream a bit and make a list of those people who could add new perspectives and new “voices” to your existing material.

Step #2: Decide who you will interview and who will write a guest post

Look at your list. Who would make an interesting interview? Who would write an interesting article? Remember: even if you plan on interviewing someone, you can still ask your guest later on if they would like to contribute an article. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Step #3: Invite each person

It’s good to have a plan in place when inviting someone to contribute to your blog:

  • Inviting people to participate assumes you’ve engaged with them before; they’ll at least recognize your name and what you blog about. Sending an invitation “out of the blue” is tricky and may not get the results you’re looking for.
  • Be clear in your request. Make sure your guests know what you’re asking for and, especially, why you think they would complement your blog. Show how their perspective on a subject (and their time) makes sense in your request.
  • Sending an email is probably the best way to invite people. Be brief. Include a link pointing to your blog or a particular post you’re referencing. Be clear that your request is an invitation, and there is no obligation to help out.

Don’t know enough people to invite?

If you feel you don’t know who to invite, slowly begin engaging with a few other bloggers on Twitter or by regularly commenting on posts you can add value to. You don’t need a list of 10 people to get started. Start engaging in small steps.

For example, Copyblogger began with small steps.

Several years ago, Brian Clark was a blogger like everyone else. As time went by, Brian invited other writers and bloggers onto his “stage.” As a result, Copyblogger consistently offers a variety of different “voices” and perspectives that thousands of readers now benefit from.

If you are looking to add variety and new material for your readers, take a hint from a former Beatle. Open up your “stage” and surprise your readers with different “voices.” It’ll keep your blog content rockin’.

Your next step:
Go ahead and create your “dream team.” Even if it’s only one person, ask away!

OK, over to you. If you’d like to share your ideas on how you’ve opened up your blog for new content, we’d love to hear your comments.