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How Long Should You Spend on Twitter Each Day?

Every speech I give to marketing professionals, I get asked one of two possible questions:

  1. How long do you spend on Twitter each day?, or
  2. How long should I spend using Twitter each day?

Bar none, this is the best response to using Twitter that I have heard – from Guy Kawasaki:

Question: How long do you spend on Twitter every day?

Answer: Asking me this is like asking Tiger Woods how much he plays golf. “It’s what I do.” If I’m on the computer, I’m on Twitter, and I’m on a computer eight hours per day.

After reading this from Guy, I realized he’s exactly right.  When I’m on the computer (which is most of the day), or using my iPhone (when I’m not using the computer), I’m on Twitter.

Twitter, as well as other social media, just becomes part of what you do as a marketing professional.  We have no choice anymore.  It just is.

And you know what…that’s okay by me.