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Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) on Content Marketing and Growing Your Business

Gary Vaynerchuck, author of the new book Crush it! and the popular Wine Library TV (where he gets over 100,000 viewers a day), was kind enough to put this video together on content marketing for the Junta42 audience. Thanks Gary!

A quick overview:

Most important message to his followers: Patience. It takes patience to grow a business and is even more important than passion.

Top 3 lessons:

  1. Care about your customers. Identify their pain points and show them you really care.
  2. Nobody cares about you, your products or your brand. Deliver something awesome to them so that they care about what you deliver to them.
  3. Internal communications is key. If your internal culture is not right, it's almost impossible to grow your business.

What if a marketer believes they should create valuable and relevant content for customers, but doesn't have the resources or skill? GaryVee says to partner up.  Find an outside team that can help you deliver your story (this is why we started Junta42).

How do I start a content strategy? Find your expert niche and deliver consistent free content to your customers.

What about metrics? Focus on the long-term. Online content marketing is too knew to really get caught up in analytics.

Most important thing marketing professionals can do right now? Listen!

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