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Why Are You Failing at Content Marketing [Full Presentation Video]

Big thanks to the folks at Fusionspark Media, who run the Langley Center for New Media, for making this keynote presentation (Why You Are Failing at Content Marketing and How to Fix It) available from their successful content marketing retreat a few months back.

Specifically in this full presentation/video, I cover:

  • What is content marketing?
  • Why the barriers to entry have been lifted for non-media companies, presenting an opportunity never before available.
  • The difference between publishers and non-publishers (an important distinction).
  • 10 reasons why companies fail at content marketing and how to fix it.

Did I miss any?

Now grab a PBR and enjoy the presentation.

Content Marketing Retreat Keynote Address by Joe Pulizzi from Fusionspark Media, Inc. on Vimeo.