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Engagement: Understanding It, Achieving It, Measuring It – A Complimentary White Paper

What is engagement?  What does it really mean in marketing? How should we measure it? What tactics can we employ to help enhance it?

Those are exactly the questions Keith Wiegold and I try to tackle in our latest white paper – Engagement: Understanding It, Achieving It, Measuring It.

In this white paper we:

  • Define Engagement and what it means for your customers and your efforts
  • Recognize Engagement as a strategy that serves to achieve specific marketing objectives
  • Work to uncover the dynamics of measuring Engagement
  • Discuss a variety of social media and content marketing practices that maximize Engagement

The rationale for the white paper is summed up nicely with Keith’s comments:

Everyone is talking about engagement, but we were hard pressed to find a source that put a stake in the ground and said ‘this is what engagement really means, this is how it strategically impacts marketing goals, and this is how you can measure it,’ let alone achieve it”.  This white paper tackles all of this, plus provides some great tactical thoughts on how to ensure customer engagement.

I believe you’ll find some excellent information that will help to position the role and importance of engagement in your own organization (as well as some wicked charts you’ll love). AND, this white paper is GATE-FREE…meaning no sign-up required.  In exchange, all we ask is that, if you like it, please share it with a friend or colleague. Download the engagement white paper here.

To see the ZMAGS version, click here.