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The Weekly Wrap: It’s Time to Do Something About Diversity

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And that’s a wrap of the week ending Aug. 9, 2019

This week I’m thinking about how strength comes from the diversity of our voices and the character of our brands. I offer my take on a news piece reminding us that emerging markets offer a prime opportunity for growth (and how those markets might be closer than you think). I talk with Sydni Craig-Hart about how ignoring the diversity of your audience means leaving money on the table. And I point you to an article that shows how smart brands put their corporate culture to work for their audiences.

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Starting with the 30th episode, I’ve changed up the format and length:

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  • One deep thought (3:00)Think of all the actors who portrayed the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes: Sir Christopher Lee, John Cleese, Charlton Heston, Robert Downey Jr., Benedict Cumberbatch, Yūko Takeuchi (who plays a female version in a new series from HBO Asia and Hulu Japan), and dozens more. Sherlock Holmes is more interesting for the diversity of the voices bringing the character to life. So, too, are our brands when diverse voices tell our stories. I offer deep thoughts on why failing to celebrate a brand’s different voices is one of the biggest storytelling mistakes we can make.
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  • A fresh take on the news (8:20): A fascinating article from suggests the advantages of finding new audiences by looking beyond people who are like you – or even beyond people who are like your existing customers. The article explores the opportunity to build new audiences in greenfield markets where most consumers currently have limited internet access and where 5G and other new technologies are about to bring many more online. The article points to Mexico, but I explore ways brands can apply this concept closer to their home ­– creating new audiences by finding riches in underserved niches instead of trying to steal them from established players.
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  • This week’s person making a difference in content (13:16): My guest this week never fails to impress me with her sheer tenacity, creativity, and marketing ability. Sydni Craig-Hart, CEO of Smart Simple Marketing, is a fourth-generation entrepreneur who has run her business since 2006. She’s helped more than 8,000 small businesses in 79 industries drive growth. And she’s working with some of the biggest tech companies on the planet – Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more – to help them past their notorious blind spots: audience diversity. Sydni and I talk about how brands should lean into consumers’ desire to buy from companies that understand and respect them, and share values with them. She’s a true leader on this topic. Don’t miss the chance to hear her advice, then get to know her better by:
  • Reading her article on multicultural marketing
  • Attending her Content Marketing World 2019 session, Profitable Multicultural Marketing: How to Increase Sales Using Diversified Resources to Infuse Authenticity Into Your Campaigns
  • Trading ideas with her on Tuesday’s #CMWorld Twitter Chat

  • One content marketing idea you can use (26:25)This week’s idea comes from CMI’s Jodi Harris, who wrote Is Your Corporate Culture Conducive to Content Success. The article gives examples of ways marketers are shifting their brand’s mindset to promote innovative, responsive, and meaningful consumer connections. Don’t miss this great article.
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The wrap up

Tune in next week for another deep thought, a fresh take on the news, an interview with one brilliant person making a difference in content, and a great content marketing idea you can use. And it’s all delivered in a little less time than it takes for you to say “What the actual …?!” in reaction to Oscar Mayer’s hot dog-flavored ice cream.

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