By Joe Pulizzi published June 18, 2009 Est Read Time: 2 min

Create these 10 Media Channels for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Had the pleasure of presenting “Please Stop Talking about Yourself” at the Web Content Conference 2009 in Chicago this week.  As usual, I was discussing the importance of brands creating their own media channels, and putting their publishing hats on in place of traditional marketing practices.  You can catch the PowerPoint presentation on creating media channels here, but for the PowerPoint averse, here are the top 10.

  1. Create an online media site. Examples – and from P&G; from the UK law-firm Pinsent Masons (we also talk about Out-Law as a full case study in Get Content Get Customers).
  2. An educational enewsletter (not to be mistaken for the “sales happy” enewsletter). Godfrey gives us a great example from the b2b marketing side.
  3. A slideshare channel. Why not create your own presentation channel at slideshare? Trendsspotting provides a perfect example of this in action.
  4. The free web app. Hubspot’s website grader is a classic.
  5. The Twitter tips channel. Collect the best information on the web and distribute through Twitter.  Be the expert content resource for your industry.
  6. A Facebook movement. Fan pages are fine, but provide something of relevance that your customer base can dig into.  Shama Hyder does a great job with her ACT blueprint page.
  7. Raid traditional media. If you are not looking at media properties in your industry to purchase or partner with, you are not being a smart marketer.
  8. The mobile helper. Kraft’s iFood assistant could change the way people cook.
  9. A digital magazine. Yes, even with all the social media rage, there is still a place for digital magazine. Betty Crocker creates targeted digital mags for consumers of all food specialties.  Check out this one on birthday parties.
  10. The video microsite. Can’t do a post like this without mentioning, perhaps the greatest ROI ever on a video storytelling series.

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Author: Joe Pulizzi

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