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This Week in Content Marketing: Special 200th Anniversary Episode + Content Marketing World 2017 Wrap-Up

this-old-marketing-episode-200PNR: This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose can be found on both iTunes and Stitcher. If you enjoy our show, we would love it if you would rate it or post a review on iTunes.

In this week’s episode

For our very special 200th episode, Robert ponders what it means to experience gratitude. We start off the show with some clips from the past – and our thoughts on how we managed to make it this far (we really can’t believe it). Next, we focus on the orange-filled week that was Content Marketing World, and all its joyful and audience-building activities. In other news, we review the latest CMO trend findings and Facebook’s billion-dollar push into original content. Our rants and raves include Facebook metrics, Equifax, and how M&A is getting real; then we close the show with an example of the week on the Rock Island Line.

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Show details

  • (00:01): An advertising blast from the past: “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs”
  • (00:30): Robert muses on this week’s theme: Do we know how to truly experience gratitude?  
  • (08:55): Welcome to Episode 200: Recorded live on September 11, 2017 (Running time: 1:34:36)
  • (12:35): Your guide to producing better work together: We’ve found that creative content production at most organizations falls into five core steps: strategic planning, tactical planning, creation, deployment, and assessment. Where are your teams getting stuck? Download the Creative Workflow Workbook to find out.


  • (13:55): Special offer for Content Marketing World 2017 video on demand – For a limited time, we are offering a $100 discount on full access to over 100 hours of keynotes, breakout sessions, and more of the best content marketing education available. Don’t miss out just because you couldn’t make it to the show. Sign up and use PNR100 as your coupon code.

Happy 200th “Anniversary” to PNR

  • (15:54): Enjoy these blasts from the past 200 episodes of PNR: This Old Marketing, and some of the biggest lessons we’ve learned along the way.

 The quick hits – Notable news and trends

  • (38:15): The definitive Content Marketing World wrap-up.

The deep dive – Industry analysis

  • (53:11): CMO Survey results are revealed for 2017 (Source: CMO Survey)

Rants and raves

  • (1:11:11): Robert’s rant No. 1: We can’t fail to mention the big Equifax data breach that was disclosed last week, or the company’s inadequate explanations and short-sighted resolutions. It’s a classic case of the story telling them, rather than their getting ahead of the story. (Source: Krebs on Security)
  • (1:16:00): Robert’s rant No. 2: Facebook’s ad metrics are coming under fire once again, this time because a large discrepancy was found between the company’s reports of reach and U.S. Census data. It’s an issue that everyone in our industry needs to be aware of if we are to continue to use attention-based measurements as the gauge of our content’s value. (Source: Fortune)
  • (1:19:00): Joe’s rave: While Robert and I tend to get the lion’s share of recognition for the success of Content Marketing World, I want to point out that there’s an amazing team of people who are truly responsible for bringing our event to life. I want to shower some love on them for providing the best attendee experience you can have in our industry. 
  • (1:20:32): Joe’s commentary: Large enterprises continue to buy media companies. Yet, at CMWorld, I had an interesting conversation with one enterprise organization that was surprised to learn that this was a possibility. I think we are finally reaching a turning point where companies are really going to start getting serious about this business model.

This Old Marketing example of the week

(1:23:24): Rock Island Line: The Rock Island Line was one of 38 railroad companies operating in the U.S. in the 1920s – a time when the railroad industry thrived. Yet, the company found itself competing with the steamboat industry for passengers, as well as for freight shipments. To help promote its services, the company started a monthly news and events magazine, as well as booster clubs, which put on events in the communities serviced by its rail service. These membership-centric events featured musical performances, games, and poetry readings, with most of the entertainment content focused around the rail line. One song that emerged from these booster clubs was called The Rock Island Line. Five years after its original release, the locally popular song was rediscovered by John Lomax and seasoned folk performer Huddie Ledbetter (aka Lead Belly), who recorded their own version. Their recording became hugely popular in the U.K. after World War II, and was later re-recorded by a man named Lonnie Donegan, whose version contributed to the creation of a new music movement, skiffle music, which is now considered to have been a critical stepping stone to the second British folk revival, as well as the popular British Invasion music scene in the U.S.

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For a full list of PNR archives, go to the main This Old Marketing page.

Cover image by Joseph Kalinowski/Content Marketing Institute

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