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Ninja Guide to Content Creation: Top 10 Writing Tools


Great writers don’t rely solely upon their talent. They are characterized by discipline and great focus. If you lack these fundamental skills, your talent won’t help you write outstanding posts and articles on schedule. But wait, that doesn’t mean you should give up.

Many online tools, apps, and websites will help you achieve your full potential as a blogger or content writer. Start exploring these 10 tools:

  1. Guardian and Observer style guide

Great writers always question their style. You need to convey your messages clearly and use words that are current and simple. This style guide features useful writing tips and definitions of unusual words, which will help polish your approach.

  1. NinjaEssays

No matter how hard you try to do the best work, sometimes you need professional writers and editors. If you are covering a topic about which you have little or no knowledge, then you can hire the services of a professional writer from that particular niche. In addition, you can get your articles edited to perfection by the team.

  1. Unsplash

You should always find the right images to accompany your articles. Visual content is critical in attracting your readers. Don’t infringe on copyrighted images. Secure free high-resolution material from Unsplash, which provides 10 images every week to people who subscribe for free.


  1. Soovle

If your goal is to become a respected blogger or content writer, you surely are aware of the importance of keywords. Soovle makes your search for the most popular terms much simpler and more effective. Type in a term related to your niche and you’ll find the most important keywords for Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, and Answers.

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  1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Can’t think of a title for your next post? Use this tool. Enter any word into the generator and receive a suggestion to inspire you. If you don’t like the result, just hit refresh and the generator will offer a new title. Some of the suggestions might be nonsense, but at least they will make you laugh.

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  1. Cliche Finder

All writers are prone to clichés. You get used to certain phrases and use them intuitively in your text. This engine helps locate words and phrases to replace in order to make the content more creative.

  1. Ilys

Does your mind encounter writer’s block when you need to draft an important article? Ilys can be a useful tool. It asks how many words you need to write, then forces you to work progressively on the content until you achieve the word-count goal. Only then can you go back into the text for editing purposes.

  1. ZenPen

It’s hard to stay Zen with all the distractions in your writing software and everywhere around you. ZenPen is a minimalist writing zone that keeps you focused on the important task. You get a blank page that’s waiting for your words; there is no greater inspiration than that. The tiny option box won’t be a distraction.


  1. Proofread.GrammarBase

You can’t become a better writer if you ignore grammar. Proofread.GrammarBase is a great tool that helps you locate the spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in your content. Its powerful grammar-checking algorithms have been developed by some of the leading experts on linguistic technologies.


  1. Hemingway

Do you like using smart words and long sentences? You are probably frustrating your readers without realizing it. Hemingway helps you improve the clarity in your text by identifying long, complex sentences and common errors.

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Please note: All tools included in our blog posts are suggested by authors, not the CMI editorial team. No one post can provide all relevant tools in the space. Feel free to include additional tools in the comments (from your company or ones that you have used).

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