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How One Brand Uses Insanely Useful Content to Help Customers Make Better Decisions

Farmers must analyze reams of data to keep operations profitable. PotashCorp saw an opportunity to provide utility-based content – four web-based calculators – to not only inform farmers, but also influence critical decision-making.

Bringing Ideas to Life: A Look Behind the Creative Curtain

Recently, I came across my sketches for the theme of CMWorld 2015. I thought it would be neat to share the creative process from simple ideas on paper to the final products. Learn how a theme develops and materializes for maximum effect.

Visual Realism: The Way to Build Trust With Your Audience

In the era of user-generated content, more brands see value in ditching their polished visuals in favor of a “glitch aesthetic” to create a better sense of realism and, ultimately, to build trust with their audiences.

Convert Your Content Into Slides to Increase Website Traffic

Are you using one of the most powerful methods for content marketing success? Converting your content into slides could double or triple your traffic with only half the work. Here’s more about why you should care and how to do it.

Add Jaw-Dropping, Interactive Visuals to Your Content: 5 Tools to Help

Embedding visual content is a crucial storytelling method. Adding jaw-dropping, interactive visuals makes your story that much more engaging. See the difference it makes and learn about five tools to help you make it happen.

How to Use Content That Isn’t Yours

It’s not a sexy content topic, but it’s one that can keep you out of trouble -- how do you use other people’s content ethically and legally? There’s no straightforward rule book, but here’s what you should consider and implement.

Creating Preview Videos: Your BFF for Getting App Downloads

More than half of app users buy them after searching the stores. An app preview video is a must to convert browsers to engaged users. It also requires more work than a simple video of the app in action.

4 Tools to Create Interactive Content in Minutes

Static text doesn’t garner the attention it once did. Your audience wants to be part of the action – answering quizzes, picking their favorites, and contributing their insight to your content. Here are four tools to get started.

8+ Tips to Create a Great Script for Successful Videos

Voice-over artists, actors, and presenters are key to effective videos. But if they don’t have a great script, they don’t have a chance of success. Learn how to write an effective script and maximize your video achievement.

Your Top 3 Video Distribution Questions Answered

If you don’t plan to distribute your video properly, it’s nothing more than an expense in your content marketing budget. A video production executive shares answers to the top three video distribution questions his clients ask.

The Lowdown on Creating Personalized Quizzes to Boost Your Marketing

Boring content won’t generate the amount of leads you want. Combine the effectiveness of personalized content and the popularity of social media quizzes to make a big impact. Here’s how to do it step by step, from concept to follow-up.

5 Must-Have Tools for the Brainy Social Media Manager

With so many social media tools, you can use guidance to know what will really help. Discover five must-have tools (all with free options) that social media managers need to consider to boost their social media programs.